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Gentle Science
Oroboros declares solidarity against the Russian aggression-war in Ukraine.
Oroboros Instruments supports Science for Ukraine. »More details
 2022 Week 39 
  • Sep-26 Mo
»EMC2022 Prague CZ« Sep 22-26

  • Sep-27 Tu
»EMBO-FEBS Lecture Course 2022 Budva ME« Sep 27-Oct 1

  • Sep-28 We
»BMT 2022 Innsbruck AT« Sep 28-30
MitoFit pdf “Calcium-induced [mtPTP] is suppressed by exogenous additions of ADP compared to ADP combined with a hexokinase 2-deoxyglucose system of recycling ATP to ADP.”
  • Bellissimo CA, Sondergaard S, Hughes MC, Ramos SV, Larsen S, Perry CGR (2022) The influence of adenylate cycling on mitochondrial calcium-induced permeability transition pore in permeabilized skeletal muscle fibres. https://doi.org/10.26124/mitofit:2022-0026
from the O2k-Network »CA Toronto Perry CG«, »DK Copenhagen Larsen S«

  • Sep-29 Th - World Heart Day
O2k-brief repository Respiration compromised in brain and heart tissue homogenate after cardiac arrest and ischemia/reperfusion injury
  • Liang L, Zhang G, Cheng C, Li H, Jin T, Su C, Xiao Y, Bradley J, Peberdy MA, Ornato JP, Mangino MJ, Tang W (2021) High-resolution respirometry for evaluation of mitochondrial function on brain and heart homogenates in a rat model of cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. -»Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »US VA Richmond Mangino MJ« 

  • Sep-30 Fr
»BEC tutorial-Living_Communications pmF« Schröcken, Sep 30 - Oct 2
Abstract submission deadline for »AlgaEurope 2022 Rome IT«
Abstract submission deadline for »AussieMit 2022 Sydney AU«
Abstract submission deadline for »CRUK Beatson Institute Workshop 2022 Glasgow UK«

  • Oct-01 Sa
Abstract submission deadline for »BPS2023 San Diego US«