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MiP2023 Obergurgl AT

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MiP2023 Obergurgl AT

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Obergurgl AT. 2023 Jul 27-30. 15th MiPconference: Bioenergetics Communications on mitObesity.

» Mitochondrial Physiology Society

Mitochondrial Physiology Society (2023-07-27) MitoGlobal

Abstract: MiP2023, Obergurgl, Austria, 2023.

This event is in its planning phase. 

General Information

We invite participants to attend the preceding MiPschool, Obergurgl, Jul 23-27.


The event will be held in accordance with current COVID regulations. A primary concern must be the safety of our participants and staff, which is why we reserve the right to cancel the event if there are any concerns/restrictions. Refunds will be issued exclusively for registration fees.


University Centre Obergurgl
Tyrol, Austria


will open 2022 Dec 01.
Early registration deadline: 2023 Feb 15


The topic of the 15th MiPconference is: Bioenergetics Communications on mitObesity.
Furthermore, the General Assembly of the MiPsociety will take place during the conference.
A meeting with the BEC editorial board will take place.

Special Issue
We invite original articles to be published in a special issue of Bioenergetics Communications on ‘mitObesity’:
» BEC author guidelines
Oral presentations will be preferentially selected from MitoFit Preprints/BEC contributions.

MIP announcement postcard 2023 digital-001.png
MIP announcement postcard 2023.jpg

List of speakers


List of participants - alphabetical order



Abstract submission deadline: 2023 Feb 15
Submit extended abstracts. They will be accepted for preprint publication in MitoFit Preprints, and an international scientific committee will evaluate for acceptance as an oral or poster presentation. Publishing extended abstracts with MitoFit Preprints does not preclude later full journal publication, but will make your work fully citable, by assigning each manuscript a unique DOI number.
» Guidelines for extended abstracts

MiPsociety and General Assembly 2023

  • The MiPsociety is an international organization, based in Europe and operating world-wide and has become a legal body in 2011 continuing a tradition of rigorous mitochondrial bioenergetics; integrating molecular, cellular and organismic physiology and pathology.
Membership is open to all researchers
» MiPmembership
  • The MiPs General Assembly will take place during the MiPconference 2023. All members are invited to join.


Support for the MiPconference 2023 is acknowledged (alphabetical order):
We invite cooperating scientific societies and institutions to cooperate and support the MiPconference 2023.


ORO, 2023, Next, MiP, MitoGlobal, O2k-Network Award 

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