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O2k-Network discussion forum

Comments or questions pertaining to topics addressed at the Bioblast website can be posted on the corresponding Discussion page or Talk page.

We encourage you to initiate discussions on specific topics, or post questions and comments. To do so, simply send an Email to the moderator, indicating the topic/keyword and the question. We will then send an Email circular to registered O2k-Network members (O2k-Network Labs). In addition, the questions and follow-up correspondence will be posted on the Bioblast website.
» Email to the moderator: cristiane.cecatto@oroboros.at

Current topics

Previous topics

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  2. Talk:Respirometry
  3. Talk:Measuring hydrogen peroxide
  4. Talk:Digitonin
  5. Talk:Fatty acid oxidation on permeabilized fibres
  6. Talk:Cytochrome c

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