PGMS pathway control state

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PGMS pathway control state



PGMS: Pyruvate & Glutamate & Malate & Succinate.

MitoPathway control state: NS-pathway control state

2-oxoglutarate is produced through the citric acid cycle from citrate by isocitrate dehydrogenase, from oxaloacetate and glutamate by the transaminase, and from glutamate by the glutamate dehydrogenase. If the 2-oxoglutarate carrier does not outcompete these sources of 2-oxoglutarate, then the TCA cycle operates in full circle with external pyruvate&malate&glutamate&succinate

Abbreviation: PGMS

Reference: Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways

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PGMS pathway in the LEAK state can be evaluated in the following SUIT protocols:


PGMS pathway in the OXPHOS state can be evaluated in the following SUIT protocols:


PGMS pathway in the ET state can be evaluated in the following SUIT protocols:


Recent studies showed that S- and NS-linked OXPHOS capacity is inhibited by 2 mM malate concentrations as applied in many SUIT protocols. This inhibition is less pronounced at higher succinate concentrations (10 mM up to 50 mM S).

MitoPedia concepts: SUIT state