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Syringe\60 ml\Gas-Injection

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Syringe\60 ml\Gas-Injection

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Syringe\60 mL\Gas-Injection, 60 mL, with spacer and stainless steel needle, flat tip, for gas injection into the O2k-chamber.

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Technical support

When using one or two O2k instruments, a 10 mL Gas-Injection Syringe might be fully sufficient. Injection of a volume of 1 mL of oxygen or nitrogen gas into the gas phase is enough to change the oxygen concentration in the aqueous phase for reoxygenations (oxygen) or for achieving hypoxia (nitrogen or argon). There is a tendency to inject unnecessarily larger volumes with the 60 mL Gas-Injection Syringe. The smaller syringe, therefore, might be more practical. The stainless steel needle with a spacer can be easily fitted to a 10 mL Gas-Injection Syringe.

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