Flux baseline correction

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Flux baseline correction

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Flux baseline correction provides the option to display the plot and all values of the flux (or flow, or flux control ratio) as the total flux, J, minus a baseline flux, J0.

JV(bc) = JV - JV0
JV = (dc/dt) Β· Ξ½-1 Β· SF - JΒ°V

For the oxygen channel, JV is O2 flux per volume [pmol/(sΒ·ml)] (or volume-specific O2 flux), c is the oxygen concentration [nmol/ml = Β΅mol/l = Β΅M], dc/dt is the (positive) slope of oxygen concentration over time [nmol/(s Β· ml)], Ξ½-1 = -1 is the stoichiometric coefficient for the reaction of oxygen consumption (oxygen is removed in the chemical reaction, thus the stoichiometric coefficient is negative, expressing oxygen flux as the negative slope), SF=1,000 is the scaling factor (converting units for the amount of oxygen from nmol to pmol), and JΒ°V is the volume-specific background oxygen flux (Instrumental background oxygen flux). Further details: Flux / Slope.

Abbreviation: bc

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