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A sample is one or more parts taken from a system and intended to provide information on the system, often to serve as a basis for evaluation of the system (diagnosis) or for a decision on intervention (therapy, production process). Compare: Primary sample.

Reference: ISO 15189:2012 Medical laboratories — Particular requirements for quality and competence

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Application in HRR

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MitoFit Quality Control System

Communicated by Gnaiger E 2016-01-27; last update 2016-05-28.
Sample and sample type
A sample of a defined sample type subjected to a specific sample preparation (see MitoPedia: Sample preparations) may be, e.g., a mitochondrial preparation obtained from an organ, cells suspended from a cell culture dish, a tissue biopsy, an organ, an individual organism, or a group of organisms (e.g. a number of nematodes studied collectively in an experimental chamber).
Example: Sample and subsample
A blood sample or a biopsy taken from an individual organism. The sample size, N, corresponds to the number replica, e.g. N organisms in a study group (arm). A sample may be processed and split into a number of subsamples (e.g. smaller volumes of serum taken from a larger volume of serum) for (i) application of different types of assay, and (ii) a number of repetitions, n, of the same assay on the same sample.