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Virtual O2k-Workshop self-study material

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O2k-Open Support

Virtual O2k-Workshop self-study material

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O2k-Open Support

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: O2k-Open Support 


General information

To benefit optimally from the tutored training sessions of the Virtual O2k-Workshop, please make yourself familiar with Materials for self-study in advance.


Part 1.1: OroboPOS service and O2k instrumental

Part 1.2: DatLab

Part 1.3: O2 calibration and instrumental background

Part 2.1: Biological samples and experimental design

Pathway control and coupling control of mitochondrial respiration:

Sample types,mitochondrial preparations and sample addition:

SUIT protocols, SUITbrowser, DL-Protocols:

Part 2.2: Biological experiment and data analysis


O2k-Applications: Simultaneous determination of O2 and H2O2 fluxes

NextGen-O2k KOL Training

(R) These materials will be sent upon registration

  • PB-Module Manual (R)
  • O2k-Videosupport: SUIT-030_PB_ce_D069 demo experiment (R)
  • DL-Protocol: SUIT-030_PB_ce_D069 (R)
  • O2k-Videosupport: SUIT-030_PB_ce_D070 demo experiment (R)
  • DL-Protocol: SUIT-030_PB_ce_D070 (R)
  • Q-Module