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OROBOROS support
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O2k-Open Support alert

Oroboros support system

We provide service and support based on open innovation

- listed in the Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2020


Jan 2020

  • Jan-31 Fr
O2k-Open SupportTake care Reproducibility committment in high-resolution respirometry: quality control in oxygen calibration
In the DatLab 7.4 software, new instrumental DL-Protocols guide the user automatically step-by-step, to calibrate the instrument accurately. Reproducibility is monitored and documented when following user-friendly standard operating procedures (SOP). Further details in MitoPedia: »Oxygen calibration - DatLab

  • Jan-30 Th
O2k-Open Support Take care Do you check the O2 flux at the end of the air calibration with the O2k-chamber closed?
In DatLab 7.4, instrumental DL-Protocols guide you automatically towards closing the O2k-chamber after air calibration, to monitor "O2 slope neg." (negative) as a test of any biological contamination which would increase oxygen consumption in the absence of a biological sample. Further details in MitoPedia: Oxygen calibration - DatLab
O2k-Open Support Info: improve Do you set mark ‘R1’ and complete the air calibration correctly?
Your air calibration is not effective until you set mark ‘R1’ andclick on Calibrate and copy to clipboard in the O2 calibration window. Further details in MitoPedia: Oxygen calibration - DatLab

  • Jan-24 Fr
O2k-Open Support Info: improve Do you write the serial number of the polarographic oxygen sensor (POS) in the ‘O2k configuration’ window?
Including the POS serial number in the ´O2k configuration´ window is important to keep a track record of the sensors used according to the O2k. This will be especially helpful if troubleshooting is needed. Further details » O2k configuration
O2k-Open Support Warning: loss of data Do you perform O2k-Chamber volume calibration?
The volume calibration is essential to ensure that the chamber volume is correctly calibrated to its standard volume of 2 mL (or 0.5 mL for the O2k-sV-Module). Further details » O2k-Chamber MitoPedia
O2k-Open Support Take care Do you use the correct O2 solubility factor (FM) in the ‘O2 calibration’ window in DatLab?
The O2 solubility factor varies according to the medium used and influences the air calibration. Further details » Oxygen solubility factor