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Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2024 Archive

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2024 Week 29
  • Jul-15 Mo
Do you want to be notified when the O2 concentration in the chamber is higher or lower than intended?

Set a lower and/or an upper O2 limit, to trigger a warning when the O2 concentration goes beyond the defined value.
- »Set lower O2 limit - DatLab«, »Set upper O2 limit - DatLab« 
- communicated by »Grings Mateus« and »Baglivo Eleonora« 

  • Jul-16 Tu

  • Jul-17 We

  • Jul-18 Th
Bioenergetics Communications "By applying mitochondrial ADP sensitivity methodology in skeletal muscle fibers, we have observed the plasticity of mitochondria in different contexts to be much more dynamic than previously hypothesized"
  • Brunetta HS, Holloway GP (2024) Methodological considerations for the determination of mitochondrial ADP sensitivity in skeletal muscle. Bioenerg Commun 2024.4. doi:10.26124/BEC:2024-0004
from the O2k-Network »CA Guelph Holloway GP«

  • Jul-19 Fr

Jul 2024

2024 Week 27
  • Jul-01 Mo
Can my chemical solvent affect experimental results?

Some solvents (carriers) might alter mitochondrial physiology. To test for this effect, a control experiment with carrier titrations is needed in parallel to the treatment experiment.
- »Carrier control titrations« 
- communicated by »Timon-Gomez Alba« and »Leo Elettra« 

  • Jul-02 Tu

  • Jul-03 We

  • Jul-04 Th
The study by Hu et al "demonstrates that WBVT [whole-body vibration training] as a form of passive exercise, can ameliorate muscle weakness attributed to estrogen deficiency by mitigating mitochondrial dysfunction."
*Hu Y, Fang B, Tian X, Wang H, Tian X, Yu F, Li T, Yang Z, Shi R (2024) Passive exercise is an effective alternative to HRT for restoring OVX induced mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle. »Bioblast« 

- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« 

  • Jul-05 Fr

  • Jul-06 Sa

  • Jul-07 Su
GRC Mitochondria and Chloroplasts 2024 Barcelona ES Jul 07-12

2024 Week 28
  • Jul-08 Mo
GRC Mitochondria and Chloroplasts 2024 Barcelona ES Jul 07-12
O2k-Open SupportInfo: take care How do you avoid clogged Hamilton syringes?

Perform cleaning cycles immediately after use to avoid precipitate formation, especially with syringes used for ADP (with MgCl2) and fatty acids. In case of clogged syringes, follow the recommendations in the MiPNet below.
- »MiPNet19.14 SOP Hamilton microsyringes«
- communicated by »Grings Mateus« and »Timon-Gomez Alba«

  • Jul-09 Tu

  • Jul-10 We

  • Jul-11 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Cyclic voltammetry (CV) is a type of electrochemical measurement, applied as a quality control step to (1) determine the redox potentials of coenzyme Q2, (2) check the quality of the Q-sensor, and (3) test the interference of chemicals used in the HRR assay with the Q-sensor.

- »MiPNet24.16 DatLab8.0: CV-Module«
- communicated by »Leo Elettra« and »Baglivo Eleonora«

  • Jul-12 Fr

June 2024

2024 Week 23
  • Jun-03 Mo
Beyond O2 consumption — measuring ATP dynamics with Magnesium Green (MgG)

MgG fluoresces when bound to Mg2+. By taking advantage of the different binding affinities of ADP and ATP for Mg2+, we can follow ATP production across a variety of mitochondrial preparations. As ATP is produced, more Mg2+ is bound, and the MgG fluorescence decreases.
- »Magnesium Green« »Cardoso 2021 BEC MgG« 
- communicated by »Willis Jaime R« and »Cardoso Luiza«

  • Jun-04 Tu

  • Jun-05 We

  • Jun-06 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "Silencing of mt-tRF-LeuTAA in islet cells limits the inner mitochondrial membrane potential and impairs mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation."
  • Jacovetti C, Donnelly C, Menoud V, Suleiman M, Cosentino C, Sobel J, Wu K, Bouzakri K, Marchetti P, Guay C, Kayser B, Regazzi R (2024) The mitochondrial tRNA-derived fragment, mt-tRF-LeuTAA, couples mitochondrial metabolism to insulin secretion. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »CH Lausanne Place N«

  • Jun-07 Fr

2024 Week 24
  • Jun-10 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: take care The oxygen signal is a flatline?

If there is no response of the oxygen signal after the stirrer test or titration of dithionite, the raw signal might be at the detection limit. Check the raw signal, which should be between 1 and 3 µA at air saturation, at 25-37 °C and with a gain of 1.
- »Oxygen_signal«
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Willis Jaime R«

  • Jun-11 Tu

  • Jun-12 We

  • Jun-13 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve The glassy carbon and platinum electrode of the Q-sensor are tightly built-in into the Q-Stopper and need to be polished and cleaned before each experiment.

- »MiPNet24.12_NextGen-O2k:_Q-Module«
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Cardoso Luiza«

  • Jun-14 Fr

2024 Week 25
  • Jun-17 Mo
O2k-Workshops.png Oroboros O2k-Workshop IOC163 Schroecken AT Jun 17-22
How can I normalize data for the sample amount or concentration in DatLab 8?

In the 'Sample and medium' window, select the normalization type from a predefined list or set it manually, then enter the values for normalization.
- »Sample and medium - DatLab« 
- communicated by »Grings Mateus« and »Baglivo Eleonora« 

  • Jun-18 Tu
O2k-Workshops.png Oroboros O2k-Workshop IOC163 Schroecken AT Jun 17-22

  • Jun-19 We
O2k-Workshops.png Oroboros O2k-Workshop IOC163 Schroecken AT Jun 17-22

  • Jun-20 Th
O2k-Workshops.png Oroboros O2k-Workshop IOC163 Schroecken AT Jun 17-22
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap “The bioenergetic characterization of liver mitochondria from IMT [inhibitor of mitochondrial transcription]-treated mice showed maintained fatty acid oxidation capacity despite markedly reduced OXPHOS capacity.”
  • Jiang S, Yuan T, Rosenberger FA, Mourier A, Dragano NRV, Kremer LS, Rubalcava-Gracia D, Hansen FM, Borg M, Mennuni M, Filograna R, Alsina D, Misic J, Koolmeister C, Papadea P, de Angelis MH, Ren L, Andersson O, Unger A, Bergbrede T, Di Lucrezia R, Wibom R, Zierath JR, Krook A, Giavalisco P, Mann M, Larsson NG (2024) Inhibition of mammalian mtDNA transcription acts paradoxically to reverse diet-induced hepatosteatosis and obesity. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »SE Stockholm Larsson NG« and »FR Bordeaux Mourier A«

  • Jun-21 Fr
O2k-Workshops.png Oroboros O2k-Workshop IOC163 Schroecken AT Jun 17-22

  • Jun-22 Sa
O2k-Workshops.png Oroboros O2k-Workshop IOC163 Schroecken AT Jun 17-22

2024 Week 26
  • Jun-24 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Maintain a record of measurement information using the experimental log of your DatLab file.

The experimental log is generated for each measurement and provides detailed information about the experimental run that can be saved as PDF or printed for quality control.
- »Experimental log - DatLab«
- communicated by »Baglivo Eleonora« and »Grings Mateus«

  • Jun-25 Tu

  • Jun-26 We

  • Jun-27 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve NAD-redox ratios are expressed as the reduced NADH-fraction. The reduced NADH-fraction is calibrated for minimum and maximum NADH fluorescence values, which correspond to the fully oxidized and fully reduced states of the NAD pool, respectively.

- »MiPNet26.12_NextGen-O2k:_NADH-Module«
- communicated by »Leo Elettra« and »Grings Mateus«

  • Jun-28 Fr

May 2024

  • May-01 We

  • May-02 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve "In respirometric studies on blood cells, the purity of cell preparation should always be emphasized and documented."

- »MiPNet21.17 BloodCellsIsolation«
- communicated by »Timon-Gomez Alba« and »Baglivo Eleonora«

  • May-03 Fr

2024 Week 19
  • May-06 Mo
What is the effective concentration of digitonin for complete plasma membrane permeabilization?

It needs to be determined for each cell type and digitonin batch. The SUIT protocol SUIT-010 was designed to evaluate the optimum digitonin concentration to permeabilize the plasma membrane.
- »Digitonin«, »SUIT-010« 
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Timon-Gomez Alba« 

  • May-07 Tu
BEC Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics
Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics will provide a fresh look at concepts in a state of flow rather than as fixed paradigms, which tend to be forgotten or distorted without wandering in the garden of memories.

- »Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics - wandering in the garden of memories« - a new BEC Publication Series

  • May-08 We

  • May-09 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "The methodology exploited in this work opens the possibility to extrapolate the photosynthetic functionality of microalgae in dense cultures typical of industrial cultivation plants already at the lab-scale"
  • Vera-Vives AM, Michelberger T, Morosinotto T, Perin G (2024) Assessment of photosynthetic activity in dense microalgae cultures using oxygen production. Plant Physiol Biochem »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »IT Padova Morosinotto T«

  • May-10 Fr

2024 Week 20
  • May-13 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: take care Do you see fluctuations of O2 slope negative following a pattern similar to the Peltier power, but without block temperature variation?

Placing the O2k under direct airflow of an air conditioning equipment may lead to disturbances in the O2 slope negative.
- »Fluctuations of O2 slope negative«
- communicated by »Cardoso Luiza« and »Grings Mateus«

  • May-14 Tu

  • May-15 We
BEC Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics
Azzi A, Gnaiger E (2024) Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics - wandering in the garden of memories. Bioenerg Commun 2024.3.v1. https://doi.org/10.26124/bec:2024-0003

- »Bioblast link«

  • May-16 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve "The sample holder protects (...) fragile samples from potential damage caused by stirring the medium."

- »MiPNet27.07 Sample Holder«
- communicated by »Willis Jaime R« and »Timon-Gomez Alba«

  • May-17 Fr

2024 Week 21
  • May-20 Mo
How do I determine the optimal oligomycin concentration for my assay?

Perform the oligomycin titration test, and adjust your oligomycin concentration to minimize the inhibition of ET capacity.
- »Oligomycin titration test« 
- communicated by »Baglivo Eleonora« and »Schmitt Sabine« 

  • May-21 Tu

  • May-22 We - International Day for Biological Diversity
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "We have identified a circadian clock phase-dependent change in Complex I coupling efficiency, demonstrating for the first time a mitochondria–clock interaction in the hooded seal."
  • Ciccone C, Kante F, Folkow LP, Hazlerigg DG, West AC, Wood SH (2024) Circadian coupling of mitochondria in a deep-diving mammal. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »NO Tromsoe Wood SH«

  • May-23 Th

  • May-24 Fr

2024 Week 22
  • May-27 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: take care Same experimental conditions, but different O2 fluxes in the left and right chambers?

Check for instrumental and operational factors that could be causing O2 flux differences between the O2k-chambers.
- »Different O2 fluxes in left and right chamber«
- communicated by »Timon-Gomez Alba« and »Baglivo Eleonora«

  • May-28 Tu

  • May-29 We

  • May-30 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve "Harmonization of isolation protocols yielding intact and enzymatically active mitochondria are critical to assess mitochondrial respiratory function"

- »MiPNet20.06 Isolation mouse heart mitochondria«
- communicated by »Cardoso Luiza« and »Leo Elettra«

  • May-31 Fr

Apr 2024

2024 Week 14
  • Apr-01 Mo April - Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "Although the chain of events leading to this respiration deficit is currently not understood, the findings constitute a robust assay for the progressive pathology induced by PINK1 deficiency."
  • Gispert S, Ricciardi F, Kurz A, Azizov M, Hoepken HH, Becker D, Voos W, Leuner K, Müller WE, Kudin AP, Kunz WS, Zimmermann A, Roeper J, Wenzel D, Jendrach M, García-Arencíbia M, Fernández-Ruiz J, Huber L, Rohrer H, Barrera M, Reichert AS, Rüb U, Chen A, Nussbaum RL, Auburger G (2009) Parkinson phenotype in aged PINK1-deficient mice is accompanied by progressive mitochondrial dysfunction in absence of neurodegeneration. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »US CA San Francisco Nussbaum RL« and »DE Frankfurt Eckert GP«

  • Apr-02 Tu

  • Apr-03 We

  • Apr-04 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Why is it important to check the H2O2 sensitivity when conducting an Amplex UltraRed (AmR) assay?

The sensitivity is influenced by experimental time, medium composition, added chemicals and sample, requiring multiple H2O2 calibrations throughout the measurement. After the initial AmR calibration, ensure that the sensitivity is within the recommended range.

- »MiPNet24.10 H2O2 flux analysis«, »Amplex UltraRed« 
- communicated by »Grings Mateus« and »Schmitt Sabine«

  • Apr-05 Fr

2024 Week 15
  • Apr-08 Mo
16:30 Erich Gnaiger presenting a MOSBRI Consensus Meeting satellite seminar at O2k-Network Lab IT Rome Giuffre A - Unlocking cell metabolism: Exploring the power of high-resolution respirometry with the NextGen-O2k

  • Apr-09 Tu
10:00 Erich Gnaiger presenting at MOSBRI Consensus Meeting 2024 Rome IT - Quality-controlled high-resolution respirometry: bacterial and clinical applications

  • Apr-10 We
Is fatty acid oxidation (FAO) considered as CI- or CII-driven respiration?

Neither. There is simultaneous electron transfer from FAO into the Q-junction through the Complex of the electron transferring flavoprotein dehydrogenase (CETFDH) and Complex I.
- »Fatty acid oxidation«, »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways«, »Gnaiger 2024 J Biol Chem« 
- communicated by »Timon-Gomez Alba« and »Willis Jaime R« 

  • Apr-11 Th

World Parkinson's Disease Day

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "The markers of mitochondrial biogenesis were consistently affected in PD [Parkinson’s disease] patients group."
  • Kamienieva I, Charzyńska A, Duszyński J, Malińska D, Szczepanowska J (2023) In search for mitochondrial biomarkers of Parkinson's disease: Findings in parkin-mutant human fibroblasts. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »PL Warsaw Szewczyk A«

  • Apr-12 Fr

2024 Week 16
  • Apr-15 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Do you observe either a zero or low raw O2 signal when starting a measurement?

Perform a test to evaluate whether this is related to an improperly positioned chamber or a faulty connection between the OroboPOS and the OroboPOS-Connector.
- »Oxygen signal«
- communicated by »Grings Mateus« and »Schmitt Sabine«

  • Apr-16 Tu

  • Apr-17 We

  • Apr-18 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve How to store the POS overnight and up to several months?

With the POS still in place, fill the O2k-chamber and receptacle of the loosely inserted stopper with 70 % EtOH, add the Cover-slip and switch off the O2K.
- »MiPNet19.03 O2k-cleaning and ISS«
- communicated by »Leo Elettra« and »Grings Mateus«

  • Apr-19 Fr

2024 Week 17
  • Apr-22 Mo
How can I evaluate the effect of one specific titration of a complex SUIT protocol?

Flux control efficiencies express the change in respiration after a single step, in which there is a change in a metabolic control variable.
- »Flux control efficiency«, »Metabolic control variable«
- communicated by »Cardoso Luiza« and »Baglivo Eleonora« 

  • Apr-23 Tu

  • Apr-24 We

  • Apr-25 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "Our results further enhance the understanding and relevance of bioenergetic function in liver ischemia and transplantation and provide the basis for further consideration of these parameters as biomarkers in LT [liver transplantation]."
  • Meszaros AT, Weissenbacher A, Schartner M, Egelseer-Bruendl T, Hermann M, Unterweger J, Mittelberger C, Reyer BA, Hofmann J, Zelger BG, Hautz T, Resch T, Margreiter C, Maglione M, Komlódi T, Ulmer H, Cardini B, Troppmair J, Öfner D, Gnaiger E, Schneeberger S, Oberhuber R (2024) The predictive value of graft viability and bioenergetics testing towards the outcome in liver transplantation. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Schneeberger S and AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • Apr-26 Fr

2024 Week 18
  • Apr-29 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve How can I update DatLab 8 to the latest version?

If your computer with DatLab 8 is connected to the internet, go to “Check for updates” in the Help menu of DatLab 8, and follow the simple installation instructions.
- »Updating - DatLab«, »DatLab 8«
- communicated by »Leo Elettra« and »Baglivo Eleonora«

  • Apr-30 Tu

Mar 2024

2024 Week 10
  • Mar-04 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Do you observe an unstable O2 slope negative following TIP2k titrations during an instrumental O2 background test?

Incorrect placement of TIP2k Filter Papers can lead to liquid accumulation and convective oxygen backdiffusion. Check for proper placement by confirming they are fully in contact with the stopper receptacle.
- »Instrumental O2 background«, »Unstable O2 slope negative«
- communicated by »Grings Mateus« and »Baglivo Eleonora«

  • Mar-05 Tu

  • Mar-06 We
Gross 2024 BEC
The tale of two “best-friends,” proteins BID & MTCH2, pivotal regulators of the apoptosis and metabolism programs at the mitochondria.

  • Mar-07 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Which medium can be used for the instrumental background test?

When using dithionite, the instrumental background test should be performed in mitochondrial respiration medium MiR05, MiR05-Kit or MiR06; or alternatively, in a strong alkaline phosphate buffer (>100 mM; >pH 8), to avoid side reactions that might interfere with the test.
- »MiPNet14.06_Instrumental_O2_background«
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Timon-Gomez Alba«

  • Mar-08 Fr

2024 Week 11
  • Mar-11 Mo
Why is it important to perform respirometry with permeabilized muscle fibers (pfi) under a high [O2] regime?

Long diffusion distances in the pfi result in an O2 diffusion limitation, which is overcome by increasing the O2 partial pressure inside the chamber. Proper instrumental background correction is a must and O2 dependence of ROS production should be considered.
- »Permeabilized muscle fibers«, »Oxygen flux - instrumental background« 
- communicated by »Grings Mateus« and »Cardoso Luiza« 

  • Mar-12 Tu

  • Mar-13 We
Bioenergetics Communications Rewarded Open Access - compensating authors

Together with the MiPsociety, BEC is raising funds to reward the first 10 papers accepted for publication in BEC in 2024: 600 EUR to attend EBEC2024 and 2-year MiPmembership. -»Support open access in science«
- »Submit a manuscript«

  • Mar-14 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial ultrastructure and respiration are affected during EDL [Extensor digitorum longus muscle] aging.
  • Fernando R, Shindyapina AV, Ost M, Santesmasses D, Hu Y, Tyshkovskiy A, Yim SH, Weiss J, Gladyshev VN, Grune T, Castro JP (2023) Downregulation of mitochondrial metabolism is a driver for fast skeletal muscle loss during mouse aging. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »DE Leipzip Ost M«

  • Mar-15 Fr

2024 Week 12
  • Mar-18 Mo
»EU-METAHEART MC2 Meeting 2024 Antalya TR« Mar 18-21

  • Mar-19 Tu
15:05 Erich Gnaiger presenting at EU-METAHEART MC2 Meeting 2024 Antalya TR - Functional hypoxia in cardiac mitochondria: effects on oxidative phosphorylation, mitochondrial membrane potential, redox state of coenzyme Q, and calcium uptake

  • Mar-20 We
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve What if Alert: Error in titrations! appears in your O2 analysis template file?

The O2 analysis template recognizes discrepancies between the protocol selected in the first tab and the imported marks. Check the titration sequence and mark names against the protocol copied from the DLD file.
- »O2 flux analysis«
- communicated by »Timon-Gomez Alba« and »Leo Elettra«

  • Mar-21 Th
»Club17 2024 Innsbruck AT«
17:00 Verena Laner presenting at Club17 2024 Innsbruck AT - Functional Mitochondrial Diagnostics
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve How well do you handle your Hamilton syringes? What is a cleaning cycle?

"A syringe cleaning cycle consists of (1) filling an empty syringe with a washing solution while immersing [both the needle and] the base of the barrel into the washing solution, without fully removing the plunger, and (2) emptying the syringe into the waste beaker."
- »MiPNet19.14 SOP Hamilton microsyringes«
- communicated by »Baglivo Eleonora« and »Timon-Gomez Alba«

  • Mar-22 Fr

2024 Week 13
  • Mar-25 Mo
Living cells or intact cells?

Living cells are frequently labelled as intact cells in the sense of the total cell count, but intact may suggest dual meanings of viable or unaffected by a disease or mitochondrial injury.
- »Living cells«, »Gnaiger 2020 BEC Mitochondrial physiology«, »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways« 
- communicated by »Leo Elettra« and »Timon-Gomez Alba« 

  • Mar-26 Tu

  • Mar-27 We

  • Mar-28 Th
O2k-Feedback "Introduction to the new models available with the NextGen was immensely helpful. This workshop has been critical for implementation of new techniques and advancement of my research."

Zunica Elizabeth, from the O2k-Network »US LA Baton Rouge Noland RC«
- »O2k-Feedback«

  • Mar-29 Fr

Feb 2024

2024 Week 06
  • Feb-05 Mo
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "We demonstrated deficient platelet mitochondrial respiratory chain functions, oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS), and electron transfer (ET) capacity with complex I (CI)-linked substrates, and reduced [...] endogenous platelet coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) concentration in UC [urothelial carcinoma] patients."
  • Palacka P, Gvozdjáková A, Rausová Z, Kucharská J, Slopovský J, Obertová J, Furka D, Furka S, Singh KK, Sumbalová Z (2021) Platelet mitochondrial bioenergetics reprogramming in patients with urothelial carcinoma. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »SK Bratislava Sumbalova Z«

  • Feb-06 Tu

  • Feb-07 We

  • Feb-08 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Can I use the same stock solutions for all reagents for different O2k-chamber volumes?

For some reagents, the concentration of the stock solution differs between the 2.0-mL and the 0.5-mL chamber (O2k-sV-Module) to facilitate a precise volume titration.
MiPNet09.12 O2k-Titrations«
- communicated by »Timon-Gomez Alba« and »Leo Elettra«

  • Feb-09 Fr

  • Feb-10 Sa

Year of the Dragon.jpg ChineseNewYear2024 Taiwan.jpg

2024 Week 07
  • Feb-12 Mo
What is the O2 solubility factor of the medium (FM) and why is it important?

FM expresses the effect of the salt concentration on oxygen solubility relative to pure water, and varies depending on the temperature and composition of the medium. The correct FM needs to be entered in DatLab when performing an air calibration.
- »Oxygen solubility factor« , »Air calibration in DatLab« 
- communicated by »Baglivo Eleonora« and »Timon-Gomez Alba« 

  • Feb-13 Tu

  • Feb-14 We

  • Feb-15 Th - International Childhood Cancer Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "Deleterious mtDNA mutations contribute significantly to the tumorigenesis of pediatric cancers"
  • Triska P, Kaneva K, Merkurjev D, Sohail N, Falk MJ, Triche TJ Jr, Biegel JA, Gai X (2019) Landscape of germline and somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations in pediatric malignancies. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »US_PA_Philadelphia_Falk_MJ«

  • Feb-16 Fr

2024 Week 08
  • Feb-19 Mo
O2k-Feedback “We just published this paper on SOMMA, possibly one of the largest aging studies involving permeabilized muscle energetics. Couldn't have done it without the training your teams provided.”

Kramer Philip A from the O2k-Network Lab  »US NC Winston-Salem Kramer PA«
- »O2k-Feedback«

  • Feb-20 Tu

  • Feb-21 We

  • Feb-22 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve What to do if the glass of the O2k-chamber starts to become opaque?

"Turbidity on the glass wall may be caused by precipitated protein. Remove the chambers from the O2k and with the O2k-stirrers removed, immerse in a beaker filled with HCl (10 M) overnight under a hood."
- communicated by »Cardoso Luiza« and »Leo Elettra«

  • Feb-23 Fr

2024 Week 09
  • Feb-26 Mo
ATP synthase = phosphorylation system?

No, the phosphorylation system consists of adenine nucleotide translocase, phosphate carrier, and ATP synthase, which carry out the steps in the phosphorylation pathway.
- »Phosphorylation pathway«, »Mitochondrial Pathways: Chapter 2.2« 
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Timon-Gomez Alba« 

  • Feb-27 Tu

  • Feb-28 We

  • Feb-29 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "Bed rest results in a decrease in skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiratory capacity, mainly as a result of an observed decrease in mitochondrial content"
  • Noone J, Damiot A, Kenny H, Chery I, Zahariev A, Normand S, Crampes F, de Glisezinski I, Rochfort KD, Laurens C, Bareille MP, Simon C, Bergouignan A, Blanc S, O'Gorman DJ (2023) The impact of 60 days of -6° head down tilt bed rest on mitochondrial content, respiration and regulators of mitochondrial dynamics. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Networks »US FL Orlando Goodpaster BH« , »FR Strasbourg Blanc S« , »IE Dublin O Gorman D«

  • Mar-01 Fr

Jan 2024

2024 Week 01
  • Jan-01 Mo

  • Jan-02 Tu
New year, new state? What is REN state?

REN state is now distinguished from ROX state: REN is measured in mitochondrial preparations without addition of substrates, whereas ROX is due to oxidative side reactions remaining after inhibition of the electron transfer pathway.
- »REN«, »ROX« 
- communicated by »Timon-Gomez Alba« and »Leo Elettra« 

  • Jan-03 We

  • Jan-04 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "Oxygen Consumption Rate (OCR) measurements of fresh and cryopreserved placental specimens are comparable whereas snap frozen procedure impairs mitochondrial activity"
  • Giovarelli M, Serati A, Zecchini S, Guelfi F, Clementi E, Mandò C (2023) Cryopreserved placental biopsies maintain mitochondrial activity for high-resolution respirometry. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »IT Milan Clementi E«

  • Jan-05 Fr

2024 Week 02
  • Jan-08 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Do you need to export DatLab traces for your publication?

Save your graph as an editable picture using "Copy to clipboard" in DatLab 7.4 (.wmf) or "Save" in DatLab 8 (.svg).
- »Copy to clipboard in DatLab 7«, »Download DatLab 8«
- communicated by »Baglivo Eleonora« and »Grings Mateus«

  • Jan-09 Tu

  • Jan-10 We
»AICBC 2024 Navi Mumbai IN« Jan 10-12

  • Jan-11 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve What are special features of the new SmartPOS (O2k-Series J and NextGen-O2k-Series XB)?

- "The electrical connections of the SmartPOS are protected thus there is no need to clean them."
- "The serial number of the SmartPOS is automatically recognized by the DatLab 8 software."

»MiPNet28.10 SmartPOS-service«
- communicated by »Grings Mateus« and »Baglivo Eleonora«

  • Jan-12 Fr

2024 Week 03
  • Jan-15 Mo
Why electron transfer pathway and not electron transfer chain?

The term “chain” suggests a linear sequence, however, the convergence of electron flow at the Q-junction indicates a higher degree of complexity, making “pathway” a more fitting descriptor.
- »Electron transfer pathway«, »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways« 
- communicated by »Leo Elettra« and »Timon-Gomez Alba« 

  • Jan-16 Tu

  • Jan-17 We

  • Jan-18 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap The study on rats by Jedlička et al indicates that "...the concept of general pattern of age-dependent decline in mitochondrial oxygen consumption across different organs and tissues could be misleading."
  • Jedlička J, Tůma Z, Razak K, Kunc R, Kala A, Proskauer Pena S, Lerchner T, Ježek K, Kuncová J (2022) Impact of aging on mitochondrial respiration in various organs. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »CZ_Pilsen_Kuncova_J«

  • Jan-19 Fr

2024 Week 04
  • Jan-22 Mo
O2k-Feedback “We are truly glad to have your continued support and partnership.”

Lu Amelia from the O2k-Network Lab  »TW Taoyuan Sunpoint«
- »O2k-Feedback«

  • Jan-23 Tu

  • Jan-24 We

  • Jan-25 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve How do I view and change the settings of a measurement/file in DatLab 8?

"O2k control (active) will always show the settings of the active recording [and allow changes], while O2k info (view) will show the settings of the recorded selected file."

MiPNet28.07 NextGen-O2k Series XB manual«; »MiPNet28.08 Oroboros O2k Series J manual«
- communicated by »Baglivo Eleonora« and »Grings Mateus«

  • Jan-26 Fr

 2024 Week 05
  • Jan-29 Mo
»E-mit Winter School 2024 Brixen IT« Jan 28 - Feb 02

  • Jan-30 Tu
16:30 Erich Gnaiger presenting at E-mit Winter School 2024 Brixen IT - Coupling control and pathway control in mitochondrial high-resolution respirometry

  • Jan-31 We
Can the S-pathway O2 flux be derived by subtracting N-pathway O2 flux from NS-pathway O2 flux?

No, the sum of the O2 fluxes measured in the presence of NADH-linked substrates alone and succinate as the single substrate is typically higher than using a combination of all these substrates. This effect is described as incomplete additivity:
- »Additive effect of convergent electron flow« 
- communicated by »Cardoso Luiza« and »Grings Mateus« 

  • Feb-01 Th
O2k-Feedback “Doing the entire hands-on module from start to finish was the best for really “cementing” theory and hands-on application together.”

Cosgrove Richard from Eli Lilly Research Labs, on what he liked best on IOC162
- »O2k-Feedback«

  • Feb-02 Fr

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