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Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2021 Archive

Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem
» Current Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda

Last week

 2021 Week 14
  • Apr-05 Mo

  • Apr-06 Tu
O2k-Open Support Warning: loss of data A damaged OroboPOS-Holder may cause medium to leak from the O2k-Chamber.

See how you can check that the OroboPOS-Holders are intact.
- »O2k-OroboPOS-Holder«

  • Apr-07 We

  • Apr-08 Th - Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Dominant mutation in Parkinson’s Disease causes loss of protein function in mitochondria
from the O2k-Network »FR Angers Gueguen N« and »BE Leuven Spinazzi M«
  • Cornelissen T, Spinazzi M, Martin S, Imberechts D, Vangheluwe P, Bird M, De Strooper B, Vandenberghe W (2020) CHCHD2 harboring the Parkinson's disease-linked T61I mutation precipitates inside mitochondria and induces precipitation of wild-type CHCHD2. Hum Mol Genet [Epub ahead of print]. — »Bioblast link«

  • Apr-09 Fr

  • Apr-10 Sa

  • Apr-11 Su - World Parkinson's Disease Day
O2k-brief repository Parkinson model with 6-hydroxydopamine shows brain-region specific mitochondrial bioenergetics
from the O2k-Network »BR Santa Maria Soares FA«
  • Gonçalves DF, Courtes AA, Hartmann DD, da Rosa PC, Oliveira DM, Soares FAA, Dalla Corte CL (2018) 6-Hydroxydopamine induces different mitochondrial bioenergetics response in brain regions of rat. Neurotoxicology 70:1-11. — »Bioblast link«

Apr 2021

  • Apr-1 Th
Abstract submission deadline for »SfRBM 2021 Virtual«

  • Apr-2 Fr - World Autism Awareness Day
O2k-brief repository Impaired mitochondrial function correlates to autism endophenotypes in mice
from the O2k-Network »DE Ulm Radermacher P« and »US PA Philadelphia Wallace DC«
  • Yardeni T, Cristancho AG, McCoy AJ, Schaefer PM, McManus MJ, Marsh ED, Wallace DC (2021) An mtDNA mutant mouse demonstrates that mitochondrial deficiency can result in autism endophenotypes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 118:e2021429118. »Bioblast link«

Mar 2021

2021 Week 9
  • Mar-1 Mo
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Complex I of the mitochondrial electron transfer system is an important druggable target in Alzheimer's disease
from the O2k-Network »US NY New York Galkin A« 
  • Stojakovic A, Trushin S, Sheu A, Khalili L, Chang SY, Li X, Christensen T, Salisbury JL, Geroux RE, Gateno B, Flannery PJ, Dehankar M, Funk CC, Wilkins J, Stepanova A, O'Hagan T, Galkin A, Nesbitt J, Zhu X, Tripathi U, Macura S, Tchkonia T, Pirtskhalava T, Kirkland JL, Kudgus RA, Schoon RA, Reid JM, Yamazaki Y, Kanekiyo T, Zhang S, Nemutlu E, Dzeja P, Jaspersen A, Kwon YIC, Lee MK, Trushina E (2021) Partial inhibition of mitochondrial complex I ameliorates Alzheimer's disease pathology and cognition in APP/PS1 female mice. Commun Biol 4:61. »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-2 Tu
Measuring fatty acid oxidation (FAO)-linked respiration requires a low concentration of malate

In the absence of malate, accumulation of Acetyl-CoA inhibits FAO.
- »Fatty acid oxidation pathway control state«, »Mitochondrial Pathways: Chapter 5« 
- communicated by »Cecatto Cristiane« and »Cardoso Luiza« 

  • Mar-3 We
FAT4BRAIN »FAT4BRAIN O2k-Workshop IOC148 Virtual Event« (Mar 3-4)

  • Mar-4 Th

  • Mar-05 Fr

 2021 Week 10
  • Mar-08 Mo
Abstract submission deadline for: »ESCI 2021 Virtual«

  • Mar-10 We
MitoFit pdf Mitochondrial physiology in Parkinson’s disease (PD)

A COST Action MitoEAGLE contribution:

  • Krako Jakovljevic N, Ebanks B, Chakrabarti L, Markovic I, Moisoi N (2021) Mitochondrial homeostasis in cellular models of Parkinson’s Disease. MitoFit Preprints 2021.4 doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0004

  • Mar-11 Th
EU-CARDIOPROTECTION.png »6th EU-Cardioprotection Meeting 2021 Virtual«
Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways Internal normalization of rate – what is the difference between flux control ratio and flux control efficiency?

A flux control ratio is the ratio of oxygen flux in a specific respiratory control state, normalized for maximum flux in a common reference state. Flux control efficiency expresses the control of respiration as a fractional change of oxygen flux or flow between protocol steps. Both values vary between theoretical lower and upper limits of 0 and 1.
- »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways - Chapter 3« 
- » Posted by: »Komlodi Timea« and »Cecatto Cristiane«

  • Mar-12 Fr
2021 Week 11
  • Mar-15 Mo

  • Mar-16 Tu
CI inhibitors like rotenone inhibit fatty acid oxidation (FAO)-linked respiration

Inhibition of CI leads to accumulation of NADH in the mt-matrix. The resultant lack of NAD+ blocks FAO.
- »Fatty acid oxidation pathway control state«, »Mitochondrial Pathways: Chapter 5« 
- communicated by »Cardoso Luiza« and »Cecatto Cristiane«

  • Mar-17 We

  • Mar-18 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial function in platelets of ultramarathon runners
from the O2k-Network »IT Verona Calabria E«, »AT Innsbruck Burtscher M«, »DE Duesseldorf Roden M«, »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E« and »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«
  • Hoppel F, Calabria E, Pesta DH, Kantner-Rumplmair W, Gnaiger E, Burtscher M (2021) Effects of ultramarathon running on mitochondrial function of platelets and oxidative stress parameters: a pilot study. Front Physiol 12:632664. »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-19 Fr
2021 Week 12 
  • Mar-22 Mo
TRANSMIT Acronym.jpg»TRANSMIT School 2021 Virtual« Mar 22-23

  • Mar-24 We - World Tuberculosis Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap The synthetic peptide IP-1 as a treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
from the O2k-Network »MX Mexico City Uribe-Carvajal S«
  • Peláez Coyotl EA, Barrios Palacios J, Muciño G, Moreno-Blas D, Costas M, Montiel Montes T, Diener C, Uribe-Carvajal S, Massieu L, Castro-Obregón S, Espinosa OR, Mata Espinosa D, Barrios-Payan J, León Contreras JC, Corzo G, Hernández-Pando R, Del Rio G (2020) Antimicrobial peptide against Mycobacterium tuberculosis that activates autophagy is an effective treatment for tuberculosis. Pharmaceutics 12:E1071. »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-25 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve O2k-checklist: Get started with an O2k-experiment

The O2k-checklist provides an overview of all essential steps for starting an O2k-experiment.
- » MiPNet20.04_O2k-checklist« 
- » communicated by »Cecatto Cristiane« and »Schmitt Sabine«

  • Mar-26 Fr
MitoEAGLE dissemination - did you receive your package?

Bioenergetics Communications - to enhance reproducibility in mitochondrial physiology
- including: the »MitoEAGLE Poster« and »Mitochondrial pathways and respiratory control«

2021 Week 13

  • Mar-29 Mo
MitoEAGLE dissemination - did you receive your package?

Bioenergetics Communications - to enhance reproducibility in mitochondrial physiology
- including: the »MitoEAGLE Poster« and »Mitochondrial pathways and respiratory control«

  • Mar-30 Tu

  • Mar-31 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Diabetes, infarct size, mitochondrial respiration and succinate dehydrogenase inhibition - how do they relate?
from the O2k-Network »DK Aarhus Boetker HE« 
  • Tonnesen PT, Hjortbak MV, Lassen TR, Seefeldt JM, Bøtker HE, Jespersen NR (2021) Myocardial salvage by succinate dehydrogenase inhibition in ischemia-reperfusion injury depends on diabetes stage in rats. Mol Cell Biochem [Epub ahead of print].»Bioblast link«

Feb 2021

 2021 Week 5
  • Feb-01 Mo

  • Feb-02 Tu
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve DatLab error messages: What do they mean and how to solve them?

- » DatLab error messages« 
- communicated by »Garcia-Souza Luiz F« and »Tindle-Solomon Lisa«

  • Feb-03 We

  • Feb-04 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Could inhibitors of Dihydroorotate-dehydrogenase be anti-cancer agents?
from the O2k-Network »CZ Prague Neuzil J« »AU Queensland Neuzil J« »NL Nijmegen Koopman WJ« »AU Sydney Stocker R« »AU Queensland Peart J«
  • Bajzikova M, Kovarova J, Coelho AR, Boukalova S, Oh S, Rohlenova K, Svec D, Hubackova S, Endaya B, Judasova K, Bezawork-Geleta A, Kluckova K, Chatre L, Zobalova R, Novakova A, Vanova K, Ezrova Z, Maghzal GJ, Magalhaes Novais S, Olsinova M, Krobova L, An YJ, Davidova E, Nahacka Z, Sobol M, Cunha-Oliveira T, Sandoval-Acuña C, Strnad H, Zhang T, Huynh T, Serafim TL, Hozak P, Sardao VA, Koopman Werner JH, Ricchetti M, Oliveira PJ, Kolar F, Kubista M, Truksa J, Dvorakova-Hortova K, Pacak K, Gurlich R, Stocker R, Zhou Y, Berridge MV, Park S, Dong L, Rohlena J, Neuzil J (2019) Reactivation of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase-driven pyrimidine biosynthesis restores tumor growth of respiration-deficient cancer cells. Cell Metab 29:399-416. »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-05 Fr

 2021 Week 6
  • Feb-08 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Do you know how to properly insert the ISS-tip into the O2k-chamber?

With the stirrer bar still rotating, insert the ISS-tip to the bottom of the O2k-Chamber, so that it points away from you.
- »MiPNet19.03 O2k-cleaning and ISS: Section 2« 
- communicated by »Doerrier Carolina«, »Cecatto Cristiane« and »Komlodi Timea«

  • Feb-10 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Approved FAO inhibitor Trimetazidine restricts tumor growth in oxidative lung carcinomas
from the O2k-Network »FR Bordeaux Rossignol R« 
  • Amoedo ND, Sarlak S, Obre E, Esteves P, Bégueret H, Kieffer Y, Rousseau B, Dupis A, Izotte J, Bellance N, Dard L, Redonnet-Vernhet I, Punzi G, Rodrigues MF, Dumon E, Mafhouf W, Guyonnet-Dupérat V, Gales L, Palama T, Bellvert F, Dugot-Senan N, Claverol S, Baste JM, Lacombe D, Rezvani HR, Pierri CL, Mechta-Grigoriou F, Thumerel M, Rossignol R (2021) Targeting the mitochondrial trifunctional protein restrains tumor growth in oxidative lung carcinomas. J Clin Invest 131:e133081. »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-11 Th

  • Feb-12 Fr

  • Feb-13 Sa

  • Feb-14 Su Donor Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Preservation solutions are superior to cardioplegic solutions for prolonged cold storage of the heart
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E« and »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«
  • Schneeberger S, Kuznetsov AV, Seiler R, Renz O, Meusburger H, Mark W, Brandacher G, Margreiter R, Gnaiger E (2008) Mitochondrial ischemia-reperfusion injury of the transplanted rat heart: improved protection by preservation versus cardioplegic solutions. Shock 30:365-71. »Bioblast link«
 2021 Week 7
  • Feb-15 Mo International Childhood Cancer Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Glucocorticoids induce apoptosis via repressed mitochondrial respiration and altered expression of mt-transporters in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
from the O2k-Network »DE Regensburg Renner-Sattler K« and »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E«
  • Eberhart K, Rainer J, Bindreither D, Ritter I, Gnaiger E, Kofler R, Oefner PJ, Renner K (2011) Glucocorticoid-induced alterations in mitochondrial membrane properties and respiration in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Biochim Biophys Acta 1807:719-25. »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-16 Tu

  • Feb-17 We
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Improve preparation of permeabilized muscle fibers

The application of high-resolution respirometry in permeabilized muscle fibers provides a sensitive diagnostic tool for the analysis of mitochondrial (dys)function in small biopsy samples.
- »O2k-Videosupport: Fiber permeabilization« 
- »Doerrier 2018 Methods Mol Biol« 
- communicated by »Doerrier Carolina« and »Tindle-Solomon Lisa«

  • Feb-18 Th

  • Feb-19 Fr
 2021 Week 8
  • Feb-22 Mo
MitoFit pdf Exploring the Q-junction in real-time

Simultaneous measurement of coenzyme Q redox state and respiration in isolated mitochondria:

  • Komlodi T, Cardoso LHD, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E (2021) Coupling and pathway control of coenzyme Q redox state and respiration in isolated mitochondria. MitoFit Preprints 2021.2. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0002

  • Feb-24 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Anticancer effect of metformin in myeloproliferative neoplasms: downregulation of JAK2/STAT signaling and mitochondrial activity
from the O2k-Network »BR Ribeirao Preto Alberici LC« 
  • Machado-Neto JA, Fenerich BA, Scopim-Ribeiro R, Eide CA, Coelho-Silva JL, Dechandt CRP, Fernandes JC, Rodrigues Alves APN, Scheucher PS, Simões BP, Alberici LC, de Figueiredo Pontes LL, Tognon CE, Druker BJ, Rego EM, Traina F (2018) Metformin exerts multitarget antileukemia activity in JAK2V617F-positive myeloproliferative neoplasms. Cell Death Dis 9:311. »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-25 Th
MitoFit pdf Diagnosis of mitochondrial disease in frozen samples

Measurement of respiratory function in cryopreserved muscle biopsies:
Zuccolotto-dos-Reis FH, Andriao-Escarso SH, Araujo JS, Espreafico EM, Alberici LC, Sobreira CFR (2021) Acetyl CoA driven respiration in frozen muscle contributes to the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. MitoFit Preprints 2021.3. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0003

  • Feb-26 Fr

  • Feb-27 Sa

  • Feb-28 Su Rare disease day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Wolframin deficiency-related changes in the bioenergetics of mouse muscle
from the O2k-Network »EE Tallinn Kaambre T« »EE Tartu Paju K« 
  • Tepp K, Puurand M, Timohhina N, Aid-Vanakova J, Reile I, Shevchuk I, Chekulayev V, Eimre M, Peet N, Kadaja L, Paju K, Kaambre T (2020) Adaptation of striated muscles to Wolframin deficiency in mice: Alterations in cellular bioenergetics. Biochim Biophys Acta Gen Subj 1864:129523. »Bioblast link«

Jan 2021

  • Jan-01 Fr
Happy New Year!
 2021 Week 1
  • Jan-04 Mo
The Oroboros office is enjoying a break from December 24th to January 6th.

  • Jan-05 Tu

  • Jan-06 We

  • Jan-07 Th
Oroboros Instruments is pleased to be a collaborator on the CureMILS project that has recently been approved for EJP-RD funding.

Led by O2k-Network member, Alessandro Prigione, the project aims to employ a novel approach to enable drug discovery of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)-associated Leigh syndrome (MILS).

- Read more »CureMILS«

  • Jan-08 Fr
O2k-brief repository Liver mitochondrial adaptation in a mouse model of NAFLD induced by a Western-style diet
from the O2k-Network »CZ Hradec Kralove Cervinkova Z«
  • Staňková P, Kučera O, Peterová E, Lotková H, Maseko TE, Nožičková K, Červinková Z (2020) Adaptation of mitochondrial substrate flux in a mouse model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Int J Mol Sci 21:E1101. »Bioblast link«

2021 Week 2
  • Jan-11 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Are you a beginner or need a refresher on using SUIT protocols with DatLab7.4?

- » O2k-Videosupport: How to perform an experiment with a SUIT DL-Protocol« and » Run DL-Protocol/Set O2 limit in DatLab « 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and Schmitt Sabine«

  • Jan-13 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Positive effect of regular physical activity on mitochondrial respiration in burnout syndrome
from the O2k-Network »CH Basel Eckert A«
  • Brand S, Ebner K, Mikoteit T, Lejri I, Gerber M, Beck J, Holsboer-Trachsler E, Eckert A (2020) Influence of regular physical activity on mitochondrial activity and symptoms of burnout-an interventional pilot study. J Clin Med 9:E667.»Bioblast link«

  • Jan-14 Th

  • Jan-15 Fr
2021 Week 3
  • Jan-18 Mo

  • Jan-19 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Complex III is essential in mitochondrial electron transfer system maturation and supercomplex formation
from the O2k-Network »US FL Miami Moraes CT«
  • Protasoni M, Pérez-Pérez R, Lobo-Jarne T, Harbour ME, Ding S, Peñas A, Diaz F, Moraes CT, Fearnley IM, Zeviani M, Ugalde C, Fernández-Vizarra E (2020) Respiratory supercomplexes act as a platform for complex III-mediated maturation of human mitochondrial complexes I and IV. EMBO J 39:e102817. »Bioblast link«

  • Jan-20 We
Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways A quote from MitoPathways Chapter 3. Normalization:

Respiratory OXPHOS capacity P in human skeletal muscle ranges from 60 to 160 pmol∙s­-1∙mg­-1 based on wet muscle mass of permeabilized fibers. By comparison, mass-specific electron transfer capacity E is approximately 25 pmol∙s-1∙mg-1 in platelets and senescent fibroblasts and 40 to 80 pmol∙s-1∙mg-1 in PBMC, HEK, CEM, HUVEC, and young fibroblasts. ― Are these values comparable? - »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways«.

  • Jan-21 Th
Measuring ATP production with Magnesium Green – which sample preparations work?

Magnesium Green (MgG) can be used with mitochondrial preparations: isolated mitochondria, tissue homogenates, and permeabilized cells and tissues.
- »MgG« and »Publications MgG« 
- communicated by »Cardoso Luiza« and »Komlodi Timea«

  • Jan-22 Fr
2021 Week 4
  • Jan-25 Mo

  • Jan-27 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Cell-permeable succinate prodrug NV118 improves statin-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in human platelets
from the O2k-Network »RO Timisoara Muntean DM« and »SE Lund Elmer E«
  • Avram VF, Chamkha I, Åsander-Frostner E, Ehinger JK, Timar RZ, Hansson MJ, Muntean DM, Elmér E (2021) Cell-permeable succinate rescues mitochondrial respiration in cellular models of statin toxicity. Int J Mol Sci 22:424. »Bioblast link«

  • Jan-28 Th
Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways A quote from MitoPathways Chapter 6. Convergent electron transfer at the Q-junction:

The concept on convergent electron transfer at the Q-junction (ETS) challenges conventional OXPHOS analysis based on the ETC terminology and a way of thinking about the mitochondrial ‘electron transfer chain’ - »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways«.

  • Jan-29 Fr
MitoFit pdf SUIT protocols with Magnesium Green™ (MgG) can be used to study respiration and ATP production P»

MgG dye does not affect respiration of cardiac isolated mitochondria.

  • Cardoso LHD, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E (2021) Magnesium Green for fluorometric measurement of ATP production does not interfere with mitochondrial respiration. MitoFit Preprints 2021.1. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0001.

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