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Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2020 Archive

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Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2020 Archive

Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2020
Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem
» Current Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda

Dec 2020

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2020 Week 49

AlgaeEurope AlgaEurope 2020 Virtual Event

  • Dec-02 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Antioxidant supplementation: Effects of MitoQ and CoQ10 on ROS production and mitochondrial function
from the O2k-Network »NZ Auckland Hickey AJ«
  • Pham T, MacRae CL, Broome SC, D'souza RF, Narang R, Wang HW, Mori TA, Hickey AJR, Mitchell CJ, Merry TL (2020) MitoQ and CoQ10 supplementation mildly suppresses skeletal muscle mitochondrial hydrogen peroxide levels without impacting mitochondrial function in middle-aged men. Eur J Appl Physiol 120:1657-69. »Bioblast link«

  • Dec-03 Th
    MitoKIN O2ks.jpg
FFG Dr. Eduard Stefan and Dr. Omar Torres-Quesada have received the O2k instruments for continuing with the FFG-funded MitoKIN project.

The project aims to connect specific/broad kinase activities to precise metabolic functions (mitochondria) relevant for cell proliferation or survival. Oroboros Instruments is happy to be a consortium partner, providing infrastructure and expertise.
- Read more »MitoKIN«

  • Dec-04 Fr

  • Dec-05 Sa

  • Dec-06 So

2020 Week 50
  • Dec-07 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Can data be compared if different gain settings were used?

Yes, oxygen signals obtained after proper calibration are independent of the gain setting, and can therefore be grouped together for comparison and analysis.
- »Gain« 
- communicated by »Cecatto Cristiane« and »Schmitt Sabine« 

  • Dec-08 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Is the mitochondrial uncoupler BAM15 the new anti-obesity drug?
from the O2k-Network »AU Sydney Philp A«
  • Alexopoulos SJ, Chen SY, Brandon AE, Salamoun JM, Byrne FL, Garcia CJ, Beretta M, Olzomer EM, Shah DP, Philp AM, Hargett SR, Lawrence RT, Lee B, Sligar J, Carrive P, Tucker SP, Philp A, Lackner C, Turner N, Cooney GJ, Santos WL, Hoehn KL (2020) Mitochondrial uncoupler BAM15 reverses diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance in mice. Nat Commun 11:2397. »Bioblast link«

  • Dec-09 We

  • Dec-10 Th
ESSR2020 ESSR 2020 Innsbruck AT (Dec 10-11)

  • Dec-11 Fr
2020 Week 51
  • Dec-14 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Do you know which graph layout to choose in DatLab?

Different layouts are required depending on which instrumental quality control or measurement with biological sample is performed. Learn more about Standard layouts provided in DatLab:
- »Layout_for_DatLab_graphs« 
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Komlodi Timea«

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitotherapy: A promising therapeutic approach for central nervous system damage?
from the O2k-Network »BR Rio de Janeiro Galina A« and »BR Rio de Janeiro Institute Biomedical Chemistry«
  • Nascimento-Dos-Santos G, de-Souza-Ferreira E, Lani R, de Faria CC, Araujo VG, Teixeira-Pinheiro LC, de Souza Vasconcelos T, Leandro TG, Santiago MF, Linden R, Galina A, Petrs-Silva H (2020) Neuroprotection from optic nerve injury and modulation of oxidative metabolism by transplantation of active mitochondria to the retina. Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis Dis 1866:165686. »Bioblast link«

  • Dec-16 We

  • Dec-17 Th

  • Dec-18 Fr
2020 Week 52
  • Dec-21 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Did you know that you can set a warning alarm for the lower limit of the O2 concentration in DatLab 7?

- » Set O2 limit in DatLab « 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and Iglesias-Gonzalez Javier«

  • Dec-22 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Impaired mitochondrial respiration in platelets: A future biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease?
from the O2k-Network »CZ Prague Fisar Z«
  • Fišar Z, Jirák R, Zvěřová M, Setnička V, Habartová L, Hroudová J, Vaníčková Z, Raboch J (2019) Plasma amyloid beta levels and platelet mitochondrial respiration in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Clin Biochem 72:71-80. »Bioblast link«

  • Dec-23 We

  • Dec-24 Th
Happy Holidays!
The Oroboros office is enjoying a break from December 24th to January 6th.

  • Dec-25 Fr
2020 Week 53
  • Dec-28 Mo

  • Dec-29 Tu

  • Dec-30 We
Bioenergetics Communications
The new edition of the Blue Book

- »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways« 

  • Dec-31 Th

Nov 2020

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2020 Week 45
  • Nov-02 Mo
How can you measure mitochondrial membrane potential with O2k-Fluorometry?

The extrinsic fluorophores safranin, TMRM or Rhodamine 123 can be used to measure mt-membrane potential in mitochondrial preparations.
- »Safranin«, »TMRM«, »Rhodamine 123« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea«, »Iglesias-Gonzalez Javier« and »Cecatto Cristiane«

  • Nov-04 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Six-month caloric restriction causes tissue-specific bioenergetic changes in mitochondria isolated from rat heart and skeletal muscle
from the O2k-Network »BR Sao Paulo Kowaltowski AJ«
  • Serna JDC, Caldeira da Silva CC, Kowaltowski AJ (2020) Functional changes induced by caloric restriction in cardiac and skeletal muscle mitochondria. J Bioenerg Biomembr 52:269-77.»Bioblast link«

  • Nov-05 Th

  • Nov-06 Fr
Registration deadline for: Integrative Physiology of Exercise 2020 Virtual Event
2020 Week 46
O2k-Open SupportTake care Have you observed a high signal at zero oxygen?

A high signal at zero oxygen might be due to a technical issue with the O2k-Main Unit, the OroboPOS-Connector, the OroboPOS or a bad electrical connection between these components. The high zero current test helps you to locate the cause.
- »High signal at zero oxygen« 
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Komlodi Timea«

  • Nov-10 Tu

  • Nov-11 We

  • Nov-12 Th

  • Nov-13 Fr

  • Nov-14 Sa - World Diabetes Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Gastric bypass surgery improves diabetic nephropathy by reducing NADPH production via restoration of AMPK activity in type 1 diabetic rats
from the O2k-Network »CN Chongqing Zhu Z«
  • Wei X, Lu Z, Li L, Zhang H, Sun F, Ma H, Wang L, Hu Y, Yan Z, Zheng H, Yang G, Liu D, Tepel M, Gao P, Zhu Z (2020) Reducing NADPH synthesis counteracts diabetic nephropathy through restoration of AMPK activity in type 1 diabetic rats. Cell Rep 32:108207. »Bioblast link«
2020 Week 47
  • Nov-16 Mo
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial function is impaired in human iPSC-derived astrocytes infected with Zika virus.
from the O2k-Network »BR Rio de Janeiro Galina A« and »BR Rio de Janeiro Institute Biomedical Chemistry«
  • Ledur PF, Karmirian K, Pedrosa CDSG, Souza LRQ, Assis-de-Lemos G, Martins TM, Ferreira JCCG, de Azevedo Reis GF, Silva ES, Silva D, Salerno JA, Ornelas IM, Devalle S, Madeiro da Costa RF, Goto-Silva L, Higa LM, Melo A, Tanuri A, Chimelli L, Murata MM, Garcez PP, Filippi-Chiela EC, Galina A, Borges HL, Rehen SK (2020) Zika virus infection leads to mitochondrial failure, oxidative stress and DNA damage in human iPSC-derived astrocytes. Sci Rep 10:1218. »Bioblast link«

  • Nov-18 We

  • Nov-19 Th
» 2020 PaduaMuscleDays Padua IT / IOC Padua IT
What is the optimal ADP concentration to evaluate OXPHOS capacity in permeabilized muscle fibers (pfi)?

For the evaluation of OXPHOS capacity, the limitation of respiratory fluxes must be avoided by using a kinetically-saturating ADP concentration. In permeabilized muscle fibers, an ADP concentration of 5 mM or higher is needed to reach kinetically-saturating levels.
- »Optimum ADP concentration in pfi« 
- » Komlodi Timea« and » Doerrier Carolina« 

  • Nov-20 Fr
2020 PaduaMuscleDays Padua IT
Dr. Carolina Doerrier and Dr. Erich Gnaiger will be presenting at the virtual 2020 PaduaMuscleDays Padua IT
  • 09:30 - Commitment to reproducibility in mitochondrial respiration studies with permeabilized muscle fibers - »IOC Padua IT« 
  • 15:40 - Body mass excess, muscle mass, obesity and mitochondrial fitness

  • Nov-21 Sa
2020 PaduaMuscleDays Padua IT
 2020 Week 48
  • Nov-23 Mo
O2k-Open Support Take care Cell culture medium and dithionite titrations – a bad combination for an instrumental O2 background test?

Cell culture media are not ideal for instrumental O2 background test when using dithionite titrations because side reactions affecting the O2 concentration and thus interfering with the test. Instead of cell culture media, use MiR05, MiR06 or a strongly buffered alkaline phosphate solution.
MiPNet14.06 Instrumental O2 background« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Cecatto Cristiane« 

  • Nov-24 Tu
ISCaM 2020 Virtual Event

  • Nov-25 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Eight-week high-fat feeding increases mitochondrial ROS production in white adipocytes but mitochondrial respiration remains unaffected.
from the O2k-Network »CA Guelph Holloway GP«
  • Politis-Barber V, Brunetta HS, Paglialunga S, Petrick HL, Holloway GP (2020) Long-term high-fat feeding exacerbates short-term increases in adipose mitochondrial reactive oxygen species, without impairing mitochondrial respiration. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 319:E376-87. »Bioblast link«

  • Nov-26 Th

  • Nov-27 Fr
O2k-brief repository HSP60 knockdown and its effect on mitochondria’s role in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
  • Zhou C, Sun H, Zheng C, Gao J, Fu Q, Hu N, Shao X, Zhou Y, Xiong J, Nie K, Zhou H, Shen L, Fang H, Lyu J (2018) Oncogenic HSP60 regulates mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation to support Erk1/2 activation during pancreatic cancer cell growth. Cell Death Dis 9:161. »Bioblast link«
  • Nov-30 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Noisy oxygen signal? Check the OroboPOS and OroboPOS-Connector to clean the electrical connections.

Contaminating grease, salt crystals and moisture can be removed with a dry paper cloth, followed by using a paper cloth moistened with water and then absolute ethanol.
- »Cleaning the electrical connections« 
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Komlodi Timea«

Oct 2020

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  • Oct-01 Th
Abstract submission deadline for: Integrative Physiology of Exercise 2020 Virtual Event

  • Oct-02 Fr

2020 Week 41
  • Oct-05 Mo
    O2kHandOver 20201002.jpg
FFG Dr. Markus Keller and his team have now received the O2ks for their measurements in the FFG-funded TissueModels project!

The project aims to establish physiological models for specific tissue types. Oroboros Instruments is a consortium partner, providing infrastructure and expertise.

- Read more »TissueModels«

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Fasting promotes functional changes in liver mitochondria: Is it time to reconsider using fasted animals for liver mitochondria isolation?
from the O2k-Network »BR Sao Paulo Kowaltowski AJ«
  • Menezes-Filho SL, Amigo I, Luévano-Martínez LA, Kowaltowski AJ (2018) Fasting promotes functional changes in liver mitochondria. Biochim Biophys Acta Bioenerg 1860:129-35. »Bioblast link«

  • Oct-07 We
Background H2O2 calibration in the Amplex® UltraRed (AmR) assay:

A background H2O2 calibration is performed before addition of sample. This is required for (1) calculation of the chemical background fluorescence in our Excel analysis template, and (2) calculation AmR assay sensitivity, for quality control.
- »Background H2O2 calibration« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Schmitt Sabine« 

  • Oct-08 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Childhood maltreatment is associated with increased mitochondrial bioenergetic function of immune cells in mothers, but not in their newborns
from the O2k-Network »DE Ulm Gumpp A«
  • Gumpp AM, Boeck C, Behnke A, Bach AM, Ramo-Fernández L, Welz T, Gündel H, Kolassa IT, Karabatsiakis A (2020) Childhood maltreatment is associated with changes in mitochondrial bioenergetics in maternal, but not in neonatal immune cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 117:24778-84. »Bioblast link«

  • Oct-09 Fr
»Long Night of Research 2020 Innsbruck AT«

2020 Week 42
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve If using the Amplex UltraRed assay, when should the background H2O2 calibration be performed?

Background H2O2 calibration needs to be performed for each individual instrumental setting (O2k, fluorescence sensor and chamber), if a new stock solution of DTPA, HRP, SOD, Amplex UltraRed, or H2O2 is prepared, or if a different respiration medium is used. As the H2O2 stock solution needs to be freshly prepared, it is recommended to perform a background H2O2 calibration before each experiment and at a minimum once per experimental day.
- »How to find the background H2O2 calibration protocol in DatLab « select “AmR calibration” for the background H2O2 calibration protocol
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Schmitt Sabine« 

  • Oct-13 Tu
FAT4BRAIN »FAT4BRAIN School IOC147 Virtual Event«

  • Oct-14 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Calcium overload: The mechanism by which ER stress leads to Complex I dysfunction?
from the O2k-Network »US VA Richmond Lesnefsky EJ« 
  • Mohsin AA, Thompson J, Hu Y, Hollander J, Lesnefsky EJ, Chen Q (2020) Endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced Complex I defect: Central role of calcium overload. Arch Biochem Biophys 683:108299. »Bioblast link«

  • Oct-15 Th
How can you reduce the amount of biological sample needed for high-resolution respirometry?

The O2k-sV-Module provides all the components necessary for a smaller operation volume (0.5 mL) whereby the sample amount used for measuring oxygen flux can be reduced.
- »O2k-sV-Module« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Schmitt Sabine« 

  • Oct-16 Fr
MitoPedia: SUIT Explore mitochondrial pathways inPBMC and platelets

The following SUIT protocols are specifically optimized for PBMC and platelets
- »SUIT-001 O2 ce-pce D004« and »SUIT-002 O2 ce-pce D007a« 
- communicated by »Cecatto Cristiane« and »Garcia-Souza Luiz F« 

  • Oct-17 Sa

  • Oct-18 Su
»ISCaM 2020 Virtual Event«
 2020 Week 43
  • Oct-19 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Did you know that safranin can exert an inhibitory effect on mitochondrial respiration?

Application of safranin leads to partial inhibition of NADH-linked respiration and above 2 µM on the succinate-linked respiration. By running a control high-resolution respirometry experiment without the fluorophore, you can detect and do quality control for this inhibitory effect.
- You can read more about it in the following publication: »Krumschnabel 2014 Methods Enzymol« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Cecatto Cristiane«

  • Oct-21 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Blood cell respirometry might be an attractive alternative to skeletal- and cardiac muscle-based assessment of mitochondrial function in human studies
from the O2k-Network »US NC Winston-Salem Molina AJA«
  • Tyrrell DJ, Bharadwaj MS, Jorgensen MJ, Register TC, Molina AJ (2016) Blood cell respirometry is associated with skeletal and cardiac muscle bioenergetics: Implications for a minimally invasive biomarker of mitochondrial health. Redox Biol 10:65-77.»Bioblast link«
Human PBMC and Platelets - samples for high-resolution respirometry obtained by minimally invasive procedures.

We compared isolation procedures for blood cells.
- »MiPNet21.17 Blood Cells Isolation« 
- communicated by »Cecatto Cristiane« and »Garcia-Souza Luiz F« 

  • Oct-22 Th
Bioenergetics Communications
LEAK respiration relates to intrinsic uncoupling.

Non-phosphorylating LEAK respiration is measured in the absence of externally added uncouplers (i) in the absence of adenylates, (ii) after depletion of ADP, or (iii) after inhibition of ATP synthase or adenine nucleotide translocase.
- »BEC2020.1: Mitochondrial physiology« - Table 2. Terms on respiratory coupling and uncoupling
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Cecatto Cristiane« and »Gnaiger Erich«

  • Oct-23 Fr
O2k-brief repository Simultaneous measurement of O2 flux and mt-membrane potential: A method to detect deficiency in mitochondrial electron transfer system
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros« and »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E«
  • Krumschnabel G, Eigentler A, Fasching M, Gnaiger E (2014) Use of safranin for the assessment of mitochondrial membrane potential by high-resolution respirometry and fluorometry. Methods Enzymol 542:163-81. »Bioblast link«
2020 Week 44
  • Oct-26 Mo
"TRANSMIT: THE ROAD TO MEET THE MITOS" – the interactive TRANSMIT booklet for children is available for download in multiple languages

- »

O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Did you know that oxygen flux can be converted to flux control ratios (FCRs) directly in DatLab?

Use this function to easily plot your experimental traces as FCRs, or to analyze your data.
- »FCR in DatLab« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Cecatto Cristiane«

  • Oct-27 Tu
Gentle Science
The mitochondria's role in the immunity of patients with SARS-CoV infections - a review from an O2k-Network lab
from the O2k-Network »CH Lausanne Place N« 
  • Burtscher J, Cappellano G, Omori A, Koshiba T, Millet GP (2020) Mitochondria - in the crossfire of SARS-CoV-2 and immunity. iScience [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

  • Oct-28 We
Bioenergetics Communications
Flow or flux - what is the difference?

Rate can be expressed both as flow (I) and flux (J). Flow is used if the sample X can be quantified as count (NX; the number of cells, organisms), and changes proportionally with the size of X. Flux is a size-independent quantity where the rate is expressed per mass or volume of sample.
- »BEC2020.1: Mitochondrial physiology« - Box 2. Metabolic flows and fluxes: vectoral, vectorial, and scalar
- communicated by »Cecatto Cristiane« and »Komlodi Timea« and »Gnaiger Erich«

  • Oct-29 Th
Would you like to monitor O2 flux in response to light?

Read about the PB-Module, the new module in the NextGen-O2k that will enable experiments in PhotoBiology!
- »PB-Module«, »PhotoBiology« 
- communicated by »Huete-Ortega Maria« and »Schmitt Sabine« and »Tindle-Solomon Lisa«

  • Oct-30 Fr
O2k-brief repository Measuring ATP-ADP exchange via adenine nucleotide translocase (ANT) using the fluorophore Magnesium Green (MgG)
from the O2k-Network »HU Budapest Chinopoulos C« 
  • Chinopoulos C, Kiss G, Kawamata H, Starkov AA (2014) Measurement of ADP-ATP exchange in relation to mitochondrial transmembrane potential and oxygen consumption. Methods Enzymol 542:333-48. »Bioblast link«

Sep 2020

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2020 Week 36
  • Sep-01 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap A cell-permeable succinate prodrug can alleviate N-methyl carbamate-induced Complex I dysfunction
from the O2k-Network »US PA Philadelphia Kilbaugh T«, »US PA Philadelphia Jang DH« and »SE Lund Elmer E«
  • Janowska JI, Piel S, Saliba N, Kim CD, Jang DH, Karlsson M, Kilbaugh TJ, Ehinger JK (2020) Mitochondrial respiratory chain Complex I dysfunction induced by N-methyl carbamate ex vivo can be alleviated with a cell-permeable succinate prodrug carbamate toxicity and treatment. Toxicol In Vitro 65:104794. »Bioblast link«

  • Sep-02 We

  • Sep-03 Th

  • Sep-04 Fr

  • Sep-05 Sa

  • Sep-06 So
2020 Week 37
  • Sep-07 Mo
O2k-Open Support Take care Why do we perform multiple H2O2 calibrations in the Amplex® UltraRed assay?

The sensitivity to H2O2 of the fluorometric signal changes during the experiment as a function of: (1) experimental time and accumulating UltroxRed (similar to resorufin), (2) changes of the optical properties due to titrations, and (3) the radical scavenging capacity of the sample. Therefore, H2O2 calibrations are performed before and after sample addition, and after selected titration steps.

- »Komlodi 2018 Methods Mol Biol« 

The DLPs for AmR SUIT protocols already come with multiple steps of H2O2 calibrations implemented.
- » SUITbrowser« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Cardoso Luiza«

  • Sep-08 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Alternative oxidase (AOX) can prevent acute hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in mouse lung
from the O2k-Network »DE Giessen Weissmann N«, »FI Tampere Dufour E«, »FI Helsinki Jacobs HT« and »DE Jena Szibor M«
  • Sommer N, Alebrahimdehkordi N, Pak O, Knoepp F, Strielkov I, Scheibe S, Dufour E, Andjelekovic A, Sydykov A, Saraji A, Petrovic A, Quanz K, Hecker M, Kumar M, Wahl J, Kraut S, Seeger W, Schermuly RT, Ghofrani HA, Ramser K, Braun T, Jacobs HT, Weissmann N, Szibor M (2020) Bypassing mitochondrial complex III using alternative oxidase inhibits acute pulmonary oxygen sensing. Sci Adv 6:eaba0694. »Bioblast link«

  • Sep-09 We

  • Sep-10 Th
What is the limitation of State 3 respiration compared to OXPHOS capacity?

OXPHOS capacity is defined as the maximal respiratory capacity in the OXPHOS state in the presence of kinetically-saturating concentration of ADP, Pi, fuel substrates and O2. However, State 3 as defined by Chance and Williams (1955) can lead to underestimation of OXPHOS capacity and overestimation of excess E-P capacity due to kinetic limitations of the phosphorylation system.
- »BEC: Mitochondrial physiology« - Table 3 and several figures.
- communicated by » Cecatto Cristiane « and » Komlodi Timea «

  • Sep-11 Fr
2020 Week 38
  • Sep-14 Mo
MitoGlobal Events World Mitochondrial Disease Week – Sep 13-19

World Mitochondrial Disease Week raises awareness of mitochondrial disease through educational, fundraising and advocacy activities.

See what is happening near you - »

  • Sep-15 Tu - World Lymphoma Awareness Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap OXPHOS as a potential therapeutic target in classical Hodgkin lymphoma
from the O2k-Network »DE Frankfurt Droese S«, »DE Frankfurt Wittig I« and »NL Nijmegen Brandt U«
  • Birkenmeier K, Droese S, Wittig I, Winkelmann R, Käfer V, Doering C, Hartmann S, Wenz T, Reichert AS, Brandt U, Hansmann ML (2016) Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells of classical Hodgkin lymphoma are highly dependent on oxidative phosphorylation. Int J Cancer 138:2231-46. »Bioblast link«

  • Sep-16 We
Are permeabilized muscle fibers (pfi) a reliable model for studying ROS production?

High oxygen concentrations are needed to avoid oxygen limitation in pfi. However, high oxygen pressures may artificially increase ROS prodcution, including H2O2, making pfi a questionable model for ROS production.
- »Oxygen dependence of ROS production in pfi« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Cardoso Luiza«

  • Sep-17 Th
MitoPedia: SUIT Did you know that you can measure the respiratory activity available for phosphorylation of ADP to ATP in living cells?

SUIT protocols from the SUIT-003 family will guide you through the titrations needed to analyze free ROUTINE activity.
- »SUIT-003 O2 ce D009« and »SUIT-003 O2 ce-pce D020« 
- communicated by »Cardoso Luiza« and »Komlodi Timea«

  • Sep-18 Fr

  • Sep-19 Sa

  • Sep-20 So
ESCI.JPG ESCI 2020 Virtual Event Sep 20-30

2020 Week 39
ÖGMBT Graz AT 12th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting 2020 Virtual Event Sep 21-23

- World Alzheimer's Day

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Olive polyphenols prove promising in the protection against mitochondrial dysfunction due to Alzheimer's disease and brain aging
from the O2k-Network »DE Giessen Eckert GP«
  • Grewal R, Reutzel M, Dilberger B, Hein H, Zotzel J, Marx S, Tretzel J, Sarafeddinov A, Fuchs C, Eckert GP (2020) Purified oleocanthal and ligstroside protect against mitochondrial dysfunction in models of early Alzheimer's disease and brain ageing. Exp Neurol 328:113248. »Bioblast link«
O2k-brief repository Resistance training effects in Alzheimer’s disease mouse model
from the O2k-Network »US FL Boca Raton Khamoui AV« 
  • Pena GS, Paez HG, Johnson TK, Halle JL, Carzoli JP, Visavadiya NP, Zourdos MC, Whitehurst MA, Khamoui AV (2020) Hippocampal growth factor and myokine cathepsin B expression following aerobic and resistance training in 3xTg-AD mice. Int J Chronic Dis 2020:Article ID 5919501. »Bioblast link«

MitoPedia: SUIT Did you know the reverse electron flow from Complex II to Complex I can be investigated in mitochondrial preparations by measuring hydrogen peroxide production using Amplex UltraRed assay?

The reverse electron flow, also called reverse electron transfer (RET), happens when electrons are transferred from Complex II to the Q-junction and then back to Complex I at high mt-membrane potential. This phenomenon results in high hydrogen peroxide production in some mitochondrial preparations. The SUIT-026 protocol was designed to investigate this effect.
- »SUIT-026« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Cardoso Luiza« 

2020 Week 40
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Are whitish deposits forming on the glass wall of the O2k-Chamber?

These deposits might be an accumulation of proteins and subsequent embedding of other biological material or small glass splinters, and a sign that the O2k-Chamber requires cleaning.
For further details on how to clean the O2k-Chamber properly, see:
- »Cleaning the O2k-chamber«
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea«, »Sabine Schmitt«, and »Lisa Tindle-Solomon«

World Heart Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Succinate dehydrogenase inhibition protects myocardium from ischemia reperfusion injury but efficacy may be influenced by diabetes
from the O2k-Network »DK Aarhus Boetker HE« and »DK Copenhagen Larsen S«
  • Jespersen NR, Hjortbak MV, Lassen TR, Støttrup NB, Johnsen J, Tonnesen PT, Larsen S, Kimose HH, Bøtker HE (2020) Cardioprotective effect of succinate dehydrogenase inhibition in rat hearts and human myocardium with and without diabetes mellitus. Sci Rep 10:10344. »Bioblast link«
Projects As a Horizon 2020 beneficiary, Oroboros signed the Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research, showing our support for the accessibility of research results in the fight against COVID-19.

Aug 2020

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2020 Week 32
  • Aug-03 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve What do you do if values, symbols, and/or units are not correctly displayed in the DatLab software?

It is possible to retrieve the values, symbols and/or correct units by updating the Windows control panel settings.
- » Troubleshooting for problems with text in DatLab«

  • Aug-04 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Liver-specific deletion of PARKIN impairs the mitochondrial phosphorylation system
from the O2k-Network »US PA Pittsburgh Jurczak MJ«
  • Edmunds LR, Xie B, Mills AM, Huckestein BR, Undamatla R, Murali A, Pangburn MM, Martin J, Sipula I, Kaufman BA, Scott I, Jurczak MJ (2020) Liver-specific Prkn knockout mice are more susceptible to diet-induced hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance. Mol Metab [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

  • Aug-05 We

  • Aug-06 Th
OXPHOS-coupling efficiency (1-L/P) describes the coupling of the mitochondrial electron transfer system. This coupling control factor ranges from 1.0 for a fully coupled system to 0.0 for a system with zero respiratory phosphorylation capacity (L=P). It is suggested to use OXPHOS-coupling efficiency instead of the respiratory acceptor control ratio (RCR) to evaluate mitochondrial coupling.

- »OXPHOS-coupling efficiency«

  • Aug-07 Fr
2020 Week 33

  • Aug-10 Mo

  • Aug-11 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Ocean warming affects mitochondrial ET capacity in developing eggs of Atlantic herring
from the O2k-Network »DE Bremerhaven Mark FC«
  • Leo E, Dahlke FT, Storch D, Poertner HO, Mark FC (2018) Impact of Ocean Acidification and Warming on the bioenergetics of developing eggs of Atlantic herring Clupea harengus. Conserv Physiol 6:coy050. »Bioblast link«

  • Aug-12 We
MitoFit pdf Some terms in “Mitochondrial physiology” Bioenergetics Communications 2020.1 (States and rates) did not look familiar ― what is the elementary unit [x]?

Fundamental answers, a critical discussion on the SI unit for count, and the meaning of Euclid’s unit and Euclid’s number are presented in an unusual ‘canonical review’:

  • Gnaiger Erich (2020) Canonical reviewer's comments on: Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (2019) The International System of Units (SI) 9th ed. MitoFit Preprint Arch 2020.4 doi:10.26124/mitofit:200004. - »Bioblast link«

Bioenergetics Communications Join the discussion on the MitoEAGLE Consortium Communication: “Mitochondrial physiology” Bioenergetics Communications 2020.1

» On a Comment in Nature Metabolism «

  • Aug-13 Th
Photosynthesis efficiency is reduced by 25 % in plants and algae due the metabolic process called photorespiration.

- »Photorespiration«

  • Aug-14 Fr
O2k-brief repository Mitochondrial respiration in PBMCs: a potential parameter to monitor acute pancreatitis
from the O2k-Network »NZ Auckland Hickey AJ« 
  • Chakraborty M, Hickey AJ, Petrov MS, Macdonald JR, Thompson N, Newby L, Sim D, Windsor JA, Phillips AR (2016) Mitochondrial dysfunction in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in early experimental and clinical acute pancreatitis. Pancreatology 16:739-47. »Bioblast link«
2020 Week 34
  • Aug-17 Mo
  • Aug-18 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial respiration in PBMCs from patients with major depression
from the O2k-Network »DE Ulm Karabatsiakis A« and »DE Ulm Radermacher P«
  • Karabatsiakis A, Boeck C, Salinas-Manrique J, Kolassa S, Calzia E, Dietrich DE, Kolassa IT (2014) Mitochondrial respiration in peripheral blood mononuclear cells correlates with depressive subsymptoms and severity of major depression. Transl Psychiatry 4:e397. »Bioblast link«

  • Aug-19 We

  • Aug-20 Th
Would you like to simultaneously monitor O2 flux and the redox state of the Q-junction in isolated mitochondria? Soon you will be able to with the new Q-Module being developed as a part of the H2020 SME NextGen-O2k project:

- »Q-Module« 

  • Aug-21 Fr
2020 Week 35
  • Aug-24 Mo
Can NADH be used as an externally added substrate to obtain the NADH electron transfer-pathway state in mitochondrial respiration?

No, in most types of intact mitochondria NADH cannot pass the mitochondrial inner membrane (mtIM). Yeast mitochondria are an exception.
- »Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide« and »Substrates and metabolites« 

  • Aug-25 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Low-intensity exercise increases fat oxidation in mitochondria of blood mononuclear cells from sedentary adults
from the O2k-Network »LV Riga Makrecka-Kuka M«
  • Liepinsh E, Makarova E, Plakane L, Konrade I, Liepins K, Videja M, Sevostjanovs E, Grinberga S, Makrecka-Kuka M, Dambrova M (2020) Low-intensity exercise stimulates bioenergetics and increases fat oxidation in mitochondria of blood mononuclear cells from sedentary adults. Physiol Rep 8:e14489. — »Bioblast link«

  • Aug-26 We
Non-mitochondrial respiration or residual oxygen consumption (Rox)? — Concept-driven constructive terminology frames our perception.

After inhibition of electron-transfer (ET) pathways or in the absence of fuel substrates, both mitochondrial non-ET reactions and non-mitochondrial reactions contribute to residual oxygen consumption in mt-preparations and living cells.
- »BEC: Mitochondrial physiology« — Table 1: Rox induced by non-ET pathway oxidation reactions

  • Aug-27 Th

  • Aug-28 Fr

Jul 2020

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 2020 Week 27
  • Jul-01 We
TRANSMIT Kick-off of the TRANSMIT crowdfunding campaign: NOW
Bring the world of scientific research closer to the world of patients by supporting four cancer patients’ associations.
- »«

  • Jul-02 Th
Did you know that if ET capacity E.jpg is lower than OXPHOS capacity P.jpg (P>E) in living cells or mitochondrial preparations, then you have encountered an experimental artefact? The possible triggers of this experimental artefact are:

- loss of oxidative capacity during the time course of the respirometric assay,
- insufficient uncoupler concentrations,
- over titration of an uncoupler, which inhibits ET capacity,
- inhibition of ET capacity due to the use of high oligomycin (inhibitor of the ATP synthase) concentrations employed to measure LEAK respiration prior ET capacity.

Information from: Gnaiger Erich et al ― MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology. Bioenerg Commun 2020.1 »Bioblast link« 

  • Jul-03 Fr
O2k-brief repository Mitochondrial H2O2 flux in cardiac and skeletal muscle preparations is influenced by experimental oxygen concentration
from the O2k-Network »US CO Fort Collins Chicco AJ« 
  • Li Puma LC, Hedges M, Heckman JM, Mathias AB, Engstrom MR, Brown AB, Chicco AJ (2020) Experimental oxygen concentration influences rates of mitochondrial hydrogen peroxide release from cardiac and skeletal muscle preparations. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 318:R972-80. »Bioblast link«

2020 Week 28 
  • Jul-06 Mo
O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Do you know what to do when the O2k-Peltier takes longer than 20 minutes to reach the set temperature?

During air calibration, temperature of the O2k-chamber and the O2k-Peltier power can be monitored under the layout '01 Calibration show Temp'. In case of an issue with the temperature control, an error message will appear. For more information, see:
- »Block temperature does not increase while heating with full power« and »DatLab error messages «

  • Jul-07 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Influenza A infection induces persistent alterations in whole-body glucose metabolism in mice
from the O2k-Network »FR Lille Duez H«
  • Ayari A, Rosa-Calatrava M, Lancel S, Barthelemy J, Pizzorno A, Mayeuf-Louchart A, Baron M, Hot D, Deruyter L, Soulard D, Julien T, Faveeuw C, Molendi-Coste O, Dombrowicz D, Sedano L, Sencio V, Le Goffic R, Trottein F, Wolowczuk I (2020) Influenza infection rewires energy metabolism and induces browning features in adipose cells and tissues. Commun Biol 3:237. »Bioblast link«

  • Jul-08 We

  • Jul-09 Th
Do you know the different ways to adjust oxygen concentration in the Oroboros O2k?

- »Setting the oxygen concentration«

  • Jul-10 Fr
 2020 Week 29
  • Jul-13 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Did you know that you can apply instrumental O2 background test parameters (i.e., intercept and slope) from an existing file in DatLab?

In the DatLab file, you can copy the Instrumental O2 background test parameters directly via the ‘Copy from file’ option in the ‘Slope configuration’ window. For more information, see: - »Copy from file«

  • Jul-14 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Alternative oxidase inhibition plays a key role in the aluminum tolerance of cultured Jatropha curcas cells
from the O2k-Network »BR Ribeirao Preto Alberici LC«
  • Vicentini TM, Cavalheiro AH, Dechandt CRP, Alberici LC, Vargas-Rechia CG (2019) Aluminum directly inhibits alternative oxidase pathway and changes metabolic and redox parameters on Jatropha curcas cell culture. Plant Physiol Biochem 136:92-97. »Bioblast link«

  • Jul-15 We

  • Jul-16 Th
Do you know how to select the proper fluorescence sensors and filter set?

Using different fluorescence sensors, LED and photodiode filters, the O2k-Fluo Smart-Module (or O2k-Fluo LED2-Module) allows for measurement of hydrogen peroxide, ATP, mitochondrial membrane potential, calcium, and numerous other applications open for O2k-user innovation.
- »Selecting the Smart Fluo-Sensor« and »Selecting a Filter Set«

  • Jul-17 Fr

2020 Week 30
  • Jul-20 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve How can you compare respirometric experiments using an internal normalization?

Flux control ratios (FCR) are independent of external measurements (e.g. protein determination, citrate synthase activity) and therefore can be used to analyze data when other normalization methods cannot be applied. Learn more about how to use this option to assess qualitative changes of mitochondrial respiratory control with DatLab and the “O2 analysis template DL7.4”.
- »Flux control ratio«

Read more: Gnaiger Erich et al ― MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology. Bioenerg Commun 2020.1 »Bioblast link« 

  • Jul-21 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Absence of AMPK in skeletal muscle impacts mitochondrial content and respiration in addition to mitigating glucose intolerance induced by a high-fat diet
from the O2k-Network »US TN Nashville Wasserman DH« and »US MN Minneapolis Hughey C«
  • Lantier L, Williams AS, Williams IM, Guerin A, Bracy DP, Goelzer M, Foretz M, Viollet B, Hughey CC, Wasserman DH (2020) Reciprocity between skeletal muscle AMPK deletion and insulin action in diet-induced obese mice. Diabetes [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

  • Jul-22 We

  • Jul-23 Th
First O2k-Webinar - O2k-Applications: H2O2 production by Dr. Tímea Komlódi

  • Jul-24 Fr
Do you know how to assess the integrity of the mitochondrial outer membrane in mitochondrial preparations?

It is possible to do so using exogenously added cytochrome c:
- »Cytochrome c control factor«

2020 Week 31
  • Jul-27 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Do you know how to prepare a homogenate from tissue samples using the PBI-Shredder O2k-Set?

The PBI-Shredder O2k-Set provides a standardized approach to prepare homogenates of various tissues with high reproducibility and quality.
- »O2k-Videosupport: PBI-Shredder SG3 tissue homogenate preparation«

  • Jul-28 Tu - World Hepatitis Day
O2k-brief repository Insights into Hepatitis C virus-linked mitochondrial dysfunction
from the O2k-Network »IT Foggia Capitanio N« 
  • Ripoli M, D'Aprile A, Quarato G, Sarasin-Filipowicz M, Gouttenoire J, Scrima R, Cela O, Boffoli D, Heim MH, Moradpour D, Capitanio N, Piccoli C (2009) Hepatitis C virus-linked mitochondrial dysfunction promotes hypoxia-inducible factor 1α-mediated glycolytic adaptation. J Virol 84:647-60. »Bioblast link«

  • Jul-29 We

  • Jul-30 Th
Chlororespiration is the phenomenon by which oxygen is consumed in the chloroplasts of plant cells:

- »Chlororespiration«

  • Jul-31 Fr

Jun 2020

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2020 Week 23 
  • Jun-01 Mo
O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Did you know that instabilities of the slope of the oxygen signal (O2 slope neg.) can be prevented by the proper use of TIP2k-Filter Papers during an instrumental O2 background test?

- »Unstable 'O2 slope neg.'« and  »TIP2k Filter Papers«

  • Jun-02 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Remodeling pathway control of mitochondrial respiratory capacity by temperature in mouse heart: electron flow through the Q-junction in permeabilized fibers
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E« , »CA Rimouski Blier PU« and »CA Edmonton Lemieux H«
  • Lemieux H, Blier PU, Gnaiger E (2017) Remodeling pathway control of mitochondrial respiratory capacity by temperature in mouse heart: electron flow through the Q-junction in permeabilized fibers. Sci Rep 7:2840. »Bioblast link«

  • Jun-03 We

  • Jun-04 Th
MitoPedia: SUIT Mitochondria show variable preferences for glutamate & malate or pyruvate & malate to support NADH-linked respiration, depending on species, tissues, and pathophysiological state.

DatLab 7.4 provides a step-by-step guide through SUIT-008 and SUIT-014, which can be used in parallel to compare respiratory capacities supported by these NADH-linked fuel substrates.
SUIT-008« and »SUIT-014«

  • Jun-05 Fr

2020 Week 24
  • Jun-08 Mo
Celebrating World Oceans Day

Would you like to measure the O2 flux that occurs during photosynthesis using the O2k and conduct experiments about primary productivity in aquatic ecosystems? Soon you will be able to with the PB-Module that we are developing as part of the H2020 NextGen-O2k project.
- »PhotoBiology«

  • Jun-09 Tu

  • Jun-10 We

  • Jun-11 Th
Did you know that some chemicals are incompatible with the Amplex UltraRed assay?

- »Incompatible substrates«

  • Jun-15 Th
O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Did you know that experimental artefacts can occur in the Amplex UltraRed assay after injection of chemicals that interfere with the fluorescence signal?

- » Injection artefact«

  • Jun-12 Fr
O2k-brief repository Oxygen consumption by intact platelets positively correlates with the concentration of CoQ10 in the platelets of CKD patients
from the O2k-Network » SK Bratislava Sumbalova Z « 
  • Gvozdjáková A, Sumbalová Z, Kucharská J, Komlósi M, Rausová Z, Vančová O, Számošová M, Mojto V (2020) Platelet mitochondrial respiration, endogenous coenzyme Q10 and oxidative stress in patients with chronic kidney disease. Diagnostics (Basel) 10:E176. »Bioblast link«
 2020 Week 25
  • Jun-15 Mo
O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Did you know that experimental artefacts can occur in the Amplex UltraRed assay after injection of chemicals that interfere with the fluorescence signal?

- » Injection artefact«

  • Jun-16 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap A new potential anti-aging therapeutic target: circadian regulation of mitochondrial uncoupling
from the O2k-Network »CA Montreal Hepple RT«
  • Ulgherait M, Chen A, McAllister SF, Kim HX, Delventhal R, Wayne CR, Garcia CJ, Recinos Y, Oliva M, Canman JC, Picard M, Owusu-Ansah E, Shirasu-Hiza M (2020) Circadian regulation of mitochondrial uncoupling and lifespan. Nat Commun 11:1927. »Bioblast link«

  • Jun-17 We

  • Jun-18 Th
Did you know the Crabtree effect can affect respiration in living cells?

SUIT-003 is designed to analyze this important mechanism of respiratory control.
- »SUIT-003 O2 ce D037« and »SUIT-003 O2 ce D038«

  • Jun-19 Fr
2020 Week 26
  • Jun-22 Mo
O2k-Open SupportTake care Did you know how a stirrer test can save your experiments?

Get immediate information on how satisfactory your OroboPOS response time is by performing a stirrer test during air calibration.
- »Oxygen calibration - DatLab«

  • Jun-23 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap ASCs-exosomes: a potential therapy to restore mitochondrial function in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
from the O2k-Network »IT Verona Calabria E«
  • Calabria E, Scambi I, Bonafede R, Schiaffino L, Peroni D, Potrich V, Capelli C, Schena F, Mariotti R (2019) ASCs-exosomes recover coupling efficiency and mitochondrial membrane potential in an in vitro model of ALS. Front Neurosci 13:1070. »Bioblast link«

  • Jun-24 We

  • Jun-25 Th
Did you know that dithionite should not be used to control the oxygen concentration in experiments with biological samples?

- » Dithionite«

  • Jun-26 Fr
Join and disseminate the “Women in Mitochondria” initiative which aims to make the women working in the mitochondrial field more visible, contributing to accelerating equality and diversity.
 2020 Week 27
  • Jun-29 Mo
O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Is the noise seen in the slope of the oxygen signal (O2 slope neg.) within recommended values?
An 'O2 slope neg.' within ± 2 pmol∙s−1∙mL−1 is optimal (± 4 pmol∙s−1∙mL−1 is acceptable) at a data recording interval of 2 s and 40 data points selected for calculation of the slope.

- » Air and zero calibration«

  • Jun-30 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap The antidiabetic drug empagliflozin protects cardiac mitochondria against high-fat diet-induced dysfunction in mice
from the O2k-Network »LV Riga Makrecka-Kuka M«
  • Makrecka-Kuka M, Korzh S, Videja M, Vilks K, Cirule H, Kuka J, Dambrova M, Liepinsh E (2020) Empagliflozin protects cardiac mitochondrial fatty acid metabolism in a mouse model of diet-induced lipid overload. Cardiovasc Drugs Ther [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

May 2020

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2020 Week 19
  • May-04 Mo
O2k-Open SupportTake care Do you load the correct instrumental background correction according to the actual range of experimental O2 concentrations?

Perform and apply the instrumental background test:
- » O2 background correction in DatLab« and » Instrumental oxygen background«

  • May-05 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap
Expression of alternative oxidase prevents reverse electron transfer
- from the O2k-Network »FI Helsinki Jacobs HT«  »DE Magdeburg Gellerich FN« »FI Tampere Dufour E« »DE Magdeburg Debska-Vielhaber G« »DE Frankfurt Wittig I« and »UK Brighton Moore AL«
  • Szibor Marten, Gainutdinov Timur, Fernandez-Vizarra Erika, Dufour Eric, Gizatullina Zemfira, Debska-Vielhaber Grazyna, Heidler Juliana, Wittig Ilka, Viscomi Carlo, Gellerich Frank Norbert, Moore Anthony L (2019) Bioenergetic consequences from xenotopic expression of a tunicate AOX in mouse mitochondria: switch from RET and ROS to FET. Biochim Biophys Acta Bioenerg 1861:148137. »Bioblast link«

  • May-06 We

  • May-07 Th
MitoPedia: SUIT Quantify fatty acid oxidation capacity (FAO, F-pathway), avoiding a common artefact of overestimation. Malate anaplerotic pathways (see mt-malic enzyme) are active in various tissues and cultures cells, which requires caution: »Malate-anaplerotic pathway control state«

- DatLab 7.4 provides a step-by-step guide to evaluate the malate anaplerotic pathway - »SUIT-027«

- Since F-pathway capacity can be overestimated due to anaplerotic reactions, a reference protocol was designed to avoid this artefact - »SUIT-002«

  • May-08 Fr
2020 Week 20
  • May-11 Mo
O2k-Open SupportTake care Do you know how to avoid underestimating/overestimating respiratory fluxes? Measuring flux at steady states with high-resolution respirometry is the key to obtaining correct values.

Learn more about steady states including performance and mark setting for data analysis
- »Steady state«

  • May-12 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondria - a driving force in adipocyte differentiation
from the O2k-Network »CZ Pilsen Kuncova J« 
  • Kladnická I, Čedíková M, Kripnerová M, Dvořáková J, Kohoutová M, Tůma Z, Müllerová D, Kuncová J (2019) Mitochondrial respiration of adipocytes differentiating from human mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue. Physiol Res 68:287-96. »Bioblast link«

  • May-13 We

  • May-14 Th
How can I measure ATP production with the O2k?

Learn more about how to measure ATP production in mitochondrial preparations with Magnesium Green
- »Magnesium Green«

  • May-15 Fr
O2k-brief repository Restoration of mitochondrial oxygen consumption and decrease of mitochondrial ROS by AOX in the post-ischaemic heart are not sufficient to confer acute or chronic cardioprotection in mouse
from the O2k-Network »FI Helsinki Jacobs HT« , »DE Magdeburg Gellerich FN« , »FI Tampere Dufour E« , »DE Magdeburg Debska-Vielhaber G« and »DE Frankfurt Wittig I«
  • Szibor M, Schreckenberg R, Gizatullina Z, Dufour E, Wiesnet Ma, Dhandapani PK, Debska-Vielhaber G, Heidler J, Wittig I, Nyman TA, Gaertner U, Hall AR, Pell V, Viscomi C, Krieg T, Murphy MP, Braun T, Gellerich FN, Schlueter KD, Jacobs HT (2020) Respiratory chain signalling is essential for adaptive remodelling following cardiac ischaemia. J Cell Mol Med 24:3534-48. »Bioblast link«

  • May-17 Su World Hypertension Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial DNA enhances the hypoxia-induced cardioprotective effect in hypertensive rats
from the O2k-Network »CZ Prague Houstek J« and »CZ Prague Kalous M«
  • Neckar J, Svatonova A, Weissova R, Drahota Z, Zajickova P, Brabcova I, Kolar D, Alanova P, Vasinova J, Silhavy J, Hlavackova M, Tauchmannova K, Milerova M, Ostadal B, Cervenka L, Zurmanova J, Kalous M, Novakova O, Novotny J, Pravenec M, Kolar F (2017) Selective replacement of mitochondrial DNA increases the cardioprotective effect of chronic continuous hypoxia in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Clin Sci (Lond) 131(9):865-881. »Bioblast link«
2020 Week 21 
  • May-18 Mo
O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Did you know that a humid O2k-environment and/or liquid spillage may lead to a high raw POS signal [V]?

See how to clean and dry the electrical connections of the OroboPOS-Connector.
- »Cleaning the electrical connections«

  • May-19 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Allergic rhinitis induces mitochondrial dysfunction in peripheral blood cells«
from the O2k-Network »Charles Anne-Laure« »Geny Bernard«
  • Qi S, Barnig C, Charles AL, Poirot A, Meyer A, Clere-Jehl R, de Blay F and Geny Bernard
    (2017) Nasal allergen challenge in allergic rhinitis induces mitochondrial dysfunction of peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 10.1016/j.anai.2016.11.026. »Bioblast link«

  • May-20 We
SI Units SI units

One year ago, on World Metrology Day (2019-May-20) the redefinition of the SI units came into force. Science faced one of the largest overhauls in history of scientific units. How to commemorate this event of groundbreaking innovation better than with the online publication of Mitochondrial physiology and with the launch of an innovative journal — Bioenergetics Communications.

Bioenergetics Communications MitoEAGLE Consortium Communication: Mitochondrial physiology ― Published online: 2020-05-20.

Gnaiger E et al ― MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology. Bioenerg Commun 2020.1

  • May-21 Th
As part of the H2020 SME NextGen-O2k project we are developing a PhotoBiology module that will allow one to study the effect of different light intensities on O2 consumption and production.


  • May-22 Fr
2020 Week 22 
  • May-25 Mo
O2k-Open SupportTake care Do you know how the "switch components" approach can help you find what is causing your O2k to not reach the quality control specifications?

Do not despair if specifications given in the O2k-Manuals are not obtained. See how to troubleshoot on your own.
- »Switch components approach«

  • May-26 Tu
O2k-brief repository Remodeling of OXPHOS in prostate cancer to potentially damaging mtDNA mutations and differential expression of mt-genes
from the O2k-Network » AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E « and » AT Innsbruck Oroboros « 
  • Schöpf Bernd, Weissensteiner Hansi, Schäfer Georg, Fazzini Federica, Charoentong Pornpimol, Naschberger Andreas, Rupp Bernhard, Fendt Liane, Bukur Valesca, Giese Irina, Sorn Patrick, Sant’Anna-Silva Ana Carolina, Iglesias-Gonzalez Javier, Sahin Ugur, Kronenberg Florian, Gnaiger Erich, Klocker Helmut (2020) OXPHOS remodeling in high-grade prostate cancer involves mtDNA mutations and increased succinate oxidation. Nat Commun 11:1487. »Bioblast link«

  • May-27 We
Gentle Science
The decline of mitochondrial respiratory function is strongly associated with obesity. This may play a potential role in determining corona virus severity. Read more:

To fight COVID-19 the world urgently needs effective and safe diagnostics, treatments and vaccines. The EU is organizing a Global Response pledging effort to finance life-saving solutions. Join the marathon and spread the word:

  • May-28 Th
Did you know that oxygen concentration in the O2k-Chamber can be decreased by injecting nitrogen gas?

- »Nitrogen injection«

  • May-29 Fr
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap F1FO-ATP synthase regulates alternative oxidase in Trypanosoma brucei
from the O2k-Network »BR Sao Paulo Silber AM«
  • Alberto Luévano-Martínez L, Girard RMBM, Alencar MB, Silber AM (2020) ATP regulates the activity of an alternative oxidase in Trypanosoma brucei. FEBS Lett [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

Apr 2020

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2020 Week 14
  • Apr-01 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month: Dominant mutation in Parkinson’s Disease causes loss of protein function in mitochondria
- from the O2k-Network »FR Angers Gueguen N« and »BE Leuven Spinazzi M«
  • Cornelissen T, Spinazzi M, Martin S, Imberechts D, Vangheluwe P, Bird M, De Strooper B, Vandenberghe W (2020) CHCHD2 harboring the Parkinson's disease-linked T61I mutation precipitates inside mitochondria and induces precipitation of wild-type CHCHD2. Hum Mol Genet [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

Non-stoppable: Tony Hickey in home-office mode on high-resolution respirometry
  • Apr-02 Th
MitoPedia: SUITDo you want to search the best SUIT protocol for your research questions? Use the SUITbrowser: »SUITbrowser«

O2k-Network Creative solutions coming from the O2k-Network labs - » NZ Auckland Hickey AJ

  • Apr-03 Fr
O2k-brief repository Novel diurnal action of of mitochondrial stress-induced GDF15 in systemic metabolism regulation
- from the O2k-Network »DE Nuthetal Klaus S«
  • Ost M, Igual Gil C, Coleman V, Keipert S, Efstathiou S, Vidic V, Weyers M, Klaus S (2020) Muscle-derived GDF15 drives diurnal anorexia and systemic metabolic remodeling during mitochondrial stress. EMBO Rep [Epub ahead of print]. - »Bioblast link«

 2020 Week 15
  • Apr-06 Mo
The world of humankind is and will be different during and after the COVID-19 crisis – a fact beyond our competence. How different the world will be – depends on our ability to learn and communicate.
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Physical activity has positive effects on mitochondria from patients with occupational burnout
- from the O2k-Network »CH Basel Eckert A«
  • Brand S, Ebner K, Mikoteit T, Lejri I, Gerber M, Beck J, Holsboer-Trachsler E, Eckert A (2020) Influence of regular physical activity on mitochondrial activity and symptoms of burnout - an interventional pilot study. J Clin Med 9:E667. - »Bioblast link«

  • Apr-07 Tu
DatLab Info: improve Did you know that you can edit the background parameters in the 'O2 analysis template DL7.4?'
If you did not apply a finally evaluated O2 background correction to your experimental DatLab file, you can edit the O2 background parameters directly in the O2 analysis template DL7.4 for completion of Oxygen flux analysis - DatLab 7.4. - »SUIT: Browse DL-Protocols and templates«

  • Apr-08 We
MitoPedia: SUITThe optimum effective digitonin concentration for complete plasma membrane permeabilization without mitochondrial outer membrane damage.
- DatLab 7.4 provides a step-by-step guide through the SUIT-010 protocol to test the optimum digitonin concentration. - »SUIT-010«

  • Apr-09 Th

  • Apr-10 Fr
 2020 Week 16
  • Apr-13 Mo
MitoPedia: SUIT You can quantify the ATPase activity in your mitochondrial preparation:

- DatLab 7.4 provides a step-by-step guide through the SUIT-024 protocol of mitochondrial preparations - »SUIT-024«

  • Apr-14 Tu
O2k-Open SupportTake care Why are the oxygen levels different between chambers prior to my experimental run?
After switching on the O2k, air calibration has to be performed; otherwise the displayed concentrations may deviate from accurate concentrations - » Oxygen calibration - troubleshooting«

  • Apr-15 We

  • Apr-16 Th
O2k-brief repository Mitochondrial function could be an early peripheral marker for the detection of Alzheimer's disease
- from the O2k-Network »DE Frankfurt Eckert GP« »CH Basel Eckert A«
  • Leuner K, Schulz K, Schütt T, Pantel J, Prvulovic D, Rhein V, Savaskan E, Czech C, Eckert A, Müller WE (2012) Peripheral mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease: focus on lymphocytes. Mol Neurobiol 46:194-204. - »Bioblast link«

  • Apr-17 Fr
2020 Week 17
  • Apr-20 Mo
O2k-brief repository Mitochondrial respiration medium MiR05 wins - KCl inhibits
- from the O2k-Network »US TN Nashville Wasserman DH« and »US MI East Lansing Bazil JN«
  • Wollenman LC, Vander Ploeg MR, Miller ML, Zhang Y, Bazil JN (2017) The effect of respiration buffer composition on mitochondrial metabolism and function. PLOS ONE 12:e0187523. - »Bioblast link«

O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Did you know that some substrates alone cannot maintain a stable mitochondrial respiratory flux in OXPHOS?
Unstable respiratory fluxes in OXPHOS might be due to substrates limitation - » Pyruvate - troubleshooting«

  • Apr-21 Tu
Citrate synthase
MitoPedia Citrate synthase activity is commonly applied as a mitochondrial marker - and erroneous applications are common in the literature.

- »MiPNet17.04 CitrateSynthase«

  • Apr-22 We

  • Apr-23 Th

  • Apr-24 Fr
Electron transport chain
MitoPedia ETC - the electron transport chain - is the most frequently applied misnomer in bioenergetics. Y Hatefi in the team of DE Green clarified this 58 years ago, introducing the concept of the electron transfer system.

- »Hatefi 1962 J Biol Chem-XLII«

 2020 Week 18
  • Apr-27 Mo
O2k-Open Support
Take care Do you set marks correctly in the instrumental O2 background test when planning to apply the background correction to a SUIT protocol with a high O2 regime?
The range of O2 concentrations selected in the instrumental background test should correspond to the range of experimental O2 concentrations. - » O2 Background correction - troubleshooting«

  • Apr-28 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap
Cytosolic calcium controls extramitochondrial pyruvate generation and mitochondrial pyruvate uptake
- from the O2k-Network »FI Helsinki Jacobs HT«, »DE Magdeburg Gellerich FN« and »DE Magdeburg Debska-Vielhaber G«
  • Szibor Marten, Gizatullina Zemfira, Gainutdinov Timur, Endres Thomas, Debska-Vielhaber Grazyna, Kunz Matthias, Karavasili Niki, Hallmann Kerstin, Schreiber Frank, Bamberger Alexandra, Schwarzer Michael, Doenst Torsten, Heinze Hans-Jochen, Leßmann Volkmar, Vielhaber Stefan, Kunz Wolfram S, Gellerich Frank Norbert (2020) Cytosolic, but not matrix, calcium is essential for adjustment of mitochondrial pyruvate supply. J Biol Chem [Epub ahead of print]. - »Bioblast link«

  • Apr-29 We

  • Apr-30 Th

Mar 2020

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2020 Week 10
  • Mar-02 Mo
An amazing number of new O2k-Publications from China. - »O2k-Network Labs China«

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Salty diet, cardiac hypertrophy, calcium overload, and mitochondrial dysfunction
- from the O2k-Network »CN Chongqing Zhu Z«
  • Lu Z, Cui Y, Wei X, Gao P, Zhang H, Wei X, Li Q, Sun F, Yan Z, Zheng H, Yang G, Liu D, Zhu Z (2018) Deficiency of PKD2L1 (TRPP3) exacerbates pathological cardiac hypertrophy by augmenting NCX1-mediated mitochondrial calcium overload. Cell Rep 24:1639-52. - »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-03 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Rapamycin suppresses senescence in galactose versus glucose cell culture
- from the O2k-Network »US PA Philadelphia Orynbayeva Z«
  • Nacarelli T, Azar A, Altinok O, Orynbayeva Z, Sell C (2018) Rapamycin increases oxidative metabolism and enhances metabolic flexibility in human cardiac fibroblasts. Geroscience 40:243-56. - »Bioblast link«

MitoPedia Rapamycin - more differences or more in common with other mitObesity drugs? - »Rapamycin«

Gentle Science
Advancing Open Science practices: stakeholder perspectives on incentives and disincentives. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2020) - »Bioblast link« - The concept of Preprints needs full attention in Open Science.

  • Mar-04 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Systemic mitochondrial bioenergetics in older adults - skeletal muscle and platelets
- from the O2k-Network »US FL Orlando Goodpaster BH«
  • Braganza A, Corey CG, Santanasto AJ, Distefano G, Coen PM, Glynn NW, Nouraie SM, Goodpaster BH, Newman AB, Shiva S (2019) Platelet bioenergetics correlate with muscle energetics and are altered in older adults. JCI Insight 5:128248. - »Bioblast link«
O2k-brief repository Sugar and fat - initial mitochondrial aging in the brain
- from the O2k-Network »IT Naples Iossa S«
  • Crescenzo R, Spagnuolo MS, Cancelliere R, Iannotta L, Mazzoli A, Gatto C, Iossa S, Cigliano L (2019) Effect of initial aging and high-fat/high-fructose diet on mitochondrial bioenergetics and oxidative status in rat brain. Mol Neurobiol 56:7651-63. - »Bioblast link«

O2k-Open Support Warning: loss of data A damaged OroboPOS-Holder may cause medium to leak from the O2k-Chamber.
See how you can check that the two blue OroboPOS-Holders are intact. - »O2k-OroboPOS-Holder«

  • Mar-05 Th

With a preprint you can communicate recent findings fast to the scientific community, secure a DOI, and receive input from other scientists even before submitting to a peer-reviewed journal. - »Preprint«

  • Mar-06 Fr
MitoPedia: SUIT Explore metabolic profiles and specific modultations of mitochondrial pathways in health and disease with SUIT reference protocols. - »RP1« and »RP2«

Gentle Science
Promising practices for addressing the underrepresentation of women in science, engineering, and medicine: opening doors. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2020) - »Bioblast link«

 2020 Week 11
  • Mar-09 Mo
COST Action MitoEAGLE »MitoEAGLE WG2 Innsbruck AT« (Mar 09-13)

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Protein-specific mitochondrial respiratory capacity is higher in women than men
- from the O2k-Network »SE Stockholm Cardinale DA«
  • Cardinale DA, Larsen FJ, Schiffer TA, Morales-Alamo D, Ekblom B, Calbet JAL, Holmberg HC, Boushel R (2018) Superior intrinsic mitochondrial respiration in women than in men. Front Physiol 9:1133. - »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-10 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Muscular exercise for training adipose tissue mitochondria
- from the O2k-Network »DK Copenhagen Larsen S«
  • Mendham Amy E, Larsen Steen, George Cindy, Adams Kevin, Hauksson Jon, Olsson Tommy, Fortuin-de Smidt Melony C, Nono Nankam Pamela A, Hakim Olah, Goff Louise M, Pheiffer Carmen, Goedecke Julia H (2020) Exercise training results in depot-specific adaptations to adipose tissue mitochondrial function. Sci Rep 10:3785. - »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-11 We
MitoPedia Does blebbistatin reduce oxygen dependence of respiration of permeabilized muscle fibers? This is one of the questions addressed in the COST Action CA15203 MitoEAGLE WG2. - »Blebbistatin«

Gentle Science
Let's talk COVID-19 - a new culture of communication in science. - Kay Kupferschmidt in Science

O2k-Open Support Info: improve Do you change the slope smoothing to 20 while operating the O2k with biological sample?
- It is advantageous to decrease 'slope smoothing' to visualize changes of respiration more rapidly in O2k-experiments after calibration - especially before uncoupler titrations. - »Slope smoothing«

  • Mar-12 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Multiple Sclerosis Month: Mitochondrial permeability transition pore protection as novel therapeutic approach in multiple sclerosis
- from the O2k-Network »UK London Duchen MR«
  • Warne J, Pryce G, Hill J, Shi X, Lennerås F, Puentes F, Kip M, Hilditch L, Walker P, Simone MI, Chan AW, Towers GJ, Coker A, Duchen MR, Szabadkai G, Baker D, Selwood D (2015) Selective inhibition of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore protects against neuro-degeneration in experimental multiple sclerosis. J Biol Chem 291:4356-73. - »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-13 Fr
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Men and women with Type 1 diabetes and skeletal muscle mitochondria
- from the O2k-Network »CA Toronto Perry CG«
  • Monaco CMF, Bellissimo CA, Hughes MC, Ramos SV, Laham R, Perry CGR, Hawke TJ (2020) Sexual dimorphism in human skeletal muscle mitochondrial bioenergetics in response to type 1 diabetes. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 318:E44-E51. - »Bioblast link«
 2020 Week 12  
  • Mar-16 Mo
Oroboros operates from now on in home office mode - we stay connected.

MitoPedia: SUIT
The standardized coupling control protocol to explore the bioenergetics of living cells
- DatLab 7.4 provides a step-by-step guide through the SUIT-003 protocol and its extensions. - »SUIT-003«

  • Mar-17 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap
Zika virus infection leads to mitochondrial dysfunction
- from the O2k-Network »BR Rio de Janeiro Galina A«
  • Ledur PF, Karmirian K, Pedrosa CDSG, Souza LRQ, Assis-de-Lemos G, Martins TM, Ferreira JCCG, de Azevedo Reis GF, Silva ES, Silva D, Salerno JA, Ornelas IM, Devalle S, Madeiro da Costa RF, Goto-Silva L, Higa LM, Melo A, Tanuri A, Chimelli L, Murata MM, Garcez PP, Filippi-Chiela EC, Galina A, Borges HL, Rehen SK (2020) Zika virus infection leads to mitochondrial failure, oxidative stress and DNA damage in human iPSC-derived astrocytes. Sci Rep 10:1218. - »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-18 We
O2k-brief repository Exercise protects against the effects of aging on mitochondrial function
- from the O2k-Network »KR Busan Han J« »KR Incheon Kwak HB«
  • No MH, Heo JW, Yoo SZ, Kim CJ, Park DH, Kang JH, Seo DY, Han J, Kwak HB (2020) Effects of aging and exercise training on mitochondrial function and apoptosis in the rat heart. Pflugers Arch 472:179-93. - »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-19 Th
Home office mode is a world-wide protective strategy facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Supporting institutions and individual scientists in their home office strategy, during the time of crisis Oroboros Instruments provides free of charge copies of our newest software DatLab 7.4, for downloading at your personal or institutional PC at home.
- » For the download link and password, please email

  • Mar-20 Fr
 2020 Week 13
  • Mar-23 Mo
O2k-Open Support Take care Do you know that you can use the Titration-Injection microPump (TIP2k) to perform an instrumental O2 background test when using the O2k-sV-Module?
(1) By adjusting the dithionite concentration to 2.5 mM, the instrumental O2 background test can be performed with the "BG Feedback" settings. - »Dithionite« 
(2) By adjusting the TIP2k setup with specific settings for the O2k-sV-Module, the instrumental O2 background test can be performed using the O2k-sV-Module. - »O2k-sV-Module Manual«

  • Mar-24 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Tuberculosis Day: Mitochondria as a treatment target for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
- from the O2k-Network »US NC Durham Li PA«
  • Lu X, Williams Z, Hards K, Tang J, Cheung CY, Aung HL, Wang B, Liu Z, Hu X, Lenaerts AJ, Woolhiser L, Hastings C, Zhang X, Wang Z, Rhee KY, Ding K, Zhang T, Cook GM (2018) A pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridine inhibitor of the respiratory cytochrome bcc complex for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis. ACS Infect Dis 5:239-49. - »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-25 We
Preprint: An urgent call for research on COVID-19 and public vitamin D awareness
  • Brown RA, Sarkar A (2020) Vitamin D deficiency: a factor in COVID-19, progression, severity and mortality? – An urgent call for research. MitoFit Preprint Arch doi:10.26124/mitofit:200001.

Gentle Science
Research findings made available via preprint servers before journal publication - Sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

O2k-Open Support Info: improveO2 flux analysis with DatLab 7.4. Use our latest O2 analysis template DL7.4: »O2k-Videosupport: O2 flux analysis with DatLab 7.4«

  • Mar-26 Th

  • Mar-27 Fr
2020 Week 14
  • Mar-30 Mo
O2k-Open Support Info: improve DatLab 7.4 offers the flexibility to edit a DL-Protocol: »Enable DL-Protocol editing«

  • Mar-31 Tu

Feb 2020

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 2020 Week 6
  • Feb-03 Mo
FFG »Official start of the FFG funded project »MitoKIN«
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Blood cell mitochondrial function does not provide a general substitute for muscle biopsies
- from the O2k-Network »US AR Little Rock Boersheim E«
  • Rose S, Carvalho E, Diaz EC, Cotter M, Bennuri SC, Azhar G, Frye RE, Adams SH, Boersheim E (2019) A comparative study of mitochondrial respiration in circulating blood cells and skeletal muscle fibers in women. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 317:E503-E512. - »Bioblast link«
  • Do you know that the Oroboros O2k can also be used to study the mitochondrial dark respiration of microalgae and its response to climate change impact in the ocean? One of our customers, Dr Nelly Tremblay is using for the first time the SUIT-022 protocol to study alternative oxidases in the marine model organism Phaeodactylum tricornutum.

  • Feb-04 Tu
O2k-Workshops MiPNet25.10 IOC and Distributor engagement Tokyo JP (Feb 4-7)
O2k-brief Cronin (2018) The metabolite BH4 controls T cell proliferation in autoimmunity and cancer. Nature - Lymphocytes, Cancer - O2k-brief repository

  • Feb-05 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Aerobic and resistance training address central defects and peripheral comorbidities in Alzheimer’s disease
- from the O2k-Network »US FL Boca Raton Khamoui AV«
  • Pena GS, Paez HG, Johnson TK, Halle JL, Carzoli JP, Visavadiya NP, Zourdos MC, Whitehurst MA, Khamoui AV (2020) Hippocampal growth factor and myokine cathepsin B expression following aerobic and resistance training in 3xTg-AD mice. Int J Chronic Diseases 2020:Article ID 5919501. - »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-06 Th
MitoFit Open Seminar
  • 16:00-16:30 Jorge Beleza: Exercise performed during pregnancy as a preventive tool against transgenerational development of diabetes mellitus and NAFLD in the offspring. The role of epigenetic-mediated mechanisms. »Abstract«
  • 16:30-17:00 Rita Pereira: The Handball4Health Project : A community-based intervention programme
 2020 Week 7
  • Feb-10 Mo

  • Feb-12 We
MitoPedia What do metformin, melatonin and other bioactive mitObesity compounds have in common? - »MitObesity drugs«

I had a very pleasant experience at the work shop. I thank you and all the team members for devoting their time for us and teaching each step in a systematic manner. - Gayathri Narayanappa participaing in MiPNet25.03 IOC144 Innsbruck AT

  • Feb-13 Th
2020 Week 8
  • Feb-17 Mo
EBEClogo2020.jpg Registration is open: European Bioenergetics Conference 2020, Marseille, France, 2020

  • Feb-18 Tu
MitoPedia Why do we fight gas bubbles? » Dive deep into Oxygen solubility
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Aging and hyperlipidemia impair aortic mitochondrial function and increase the risk of atherosclerosis
- from the O2k-Network »US MI Ann Arbor Beard DA«
  • Tyrrell DJ, Blin M, Song J, Wood S, Zhang M, Beard DA, Goldstein D (2019) Age-associated mitochondrial dysfunction accelerates atherogenesis. Circ Res 126:298–314. - »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-19 We
MitoFit Preprints.png - »MitoFit Preprints« was initiated one year ago. We invite submissions of mitochondrial preprints.
MitoPedia Spermidine and other calorie restriction mimetics control autophagy and mitochondrial function. - »Spermidine«

  • Feb-20 Th
Logo MitoFit s.jpg - MitoFit Open Seminar: Eduard Stefan: “Decoding and Perturbation of ONCO-Kinase functions” and Omar Torres Quesada: “MitoKIN - Systematic barcoding of kinase-controlled mitochondrial function”

2020 Week 9
  • Feb-23 Su
» 2020 PaduaMuscleDays Padova IT - postponed to fall/winter 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak in Northern Italy

  • Feb-24 Mo
More research is needed on the impact of viral infection on mitochondrial function. - »Viruses and mitochondrial medicine«

  • Feb-25 Tu
High quality mitochondrial research is increasing rapidly in South Korea. - »O2k-Network Labs Republic of Korea«

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap An active lifestyle protects cardiac mitochondria
- from the O2k-Network: KR Busan Han J, KR Incheon Kwak HB
  • No MH, Heo JW, Yoo SZ, Kim CJ, Park DH, Kang JH, Seo DY, Han J, Kwak HB (2020) Effects of aging and exercise training on mitochondrial function and apoptosis in the rat heart. Pflugers Arch 472:179-93. - »Bioblast link«

MitoEAGLE WG4 retreat; left to right: Luiz, Erich, Eleonor, Slawomir
  • Feb-26 We
It is essential to titrate uncouplers in multiple steps for respirometric measurement of ET capacity. - »Noncoupled respiration«

COST Action MitoEAGLE MitoEAGLE WG4 Innsbruck AT (Feb 26-28)

  • Feb-27 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Regulation of mitochondrial oxygen kinetics by cytochrome c oxidase
- from the O2k-Network: CZ Prague Houstek J
  • Pajuelo-Reguera David, Čunátová Kristýna, Vrbacký Marek, Pecinová Alena, Houštěk Josef, Mráček Tomáš, Pecina Petr (2020) Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 4 isoform exchange results in modulation of oxygen affinity. Cells 9:E443. - »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-28 Fr
O2k-Open SupportTake care Calibration parameters are transferred to experimental DatLab files
Save calibration information from selected Marks while DatLab is connected to the O2k during an instrumental calibration run. Air calibration and zero oxygen calibration can be performed and saved in a single DatLab file or in separate DatLab files. - » Oxygen calibration - DatLab«

Jan 2020

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 2020 Week 1 The Oroboros team enjoys holidays from 2019 Dec 24 to 2020 Jan 06
Oroboros picture of the month

Oroboros of the month

Season's Greetings
Our office is closed until 2020-01-06.
We wish you a Happy New Year 2020!
Your Oroboros team

  • Jan-04 Sa
News The Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2020 is launched as a signature of the Oroboros Ecosystem.
Gentle Science 2020: a critical year for women, gender equity, and health - a Lancet Editorial
  • One month ago
NextGen-O2k SME2 coaching Orily Pratt part 2

MitoFit Guest Seminar
On December 03/04 the second part of the SME phase 2 Coaching for the NextGen-O2k project with Orily Pratt (Tel Aviv, IL) took place in Innsbruck.

» Wednesday, 4th of December; Oroboros Instruments, Schoepfstrasse 18, MiPArt, Innsbruck, Austria.
 2020 Week 2
  • Jan-07 Tu The Oroboros Office opens in the New Year 2020
  • From the Austrian Bioenergetics Group to Mitochondrial Physiology and Bioenergetics DACH (D: Germany; A: Austria; CH: Switzerland)
EBEC2024 - the 22nd European Bioenergetics Conference will be held in Innsbruck (2024, Aug 12-17). We would like to invite several Austrian colleagues to join the EBEC2024 National Scientific Committee. This provides an excellent opportunity to establish an Austrian Bioenergetics Group towards and beyond EBEC2024. We hope that this topic will be discussed at the forthcoming 1st Myocardial Function Symposium 2020 Graz AT, and further at the MitoEAGLE Summit Obergurgl 2020. Please, contact the organizer of EBEC2024 -

  • Jan-08 We
MitoPedia Force and Energy: this we all need in the New Year - and MitoPedia may help to clarify the difference.

  • Jan-09 Th
Members of the Management Committee MitoEAGLE and Working Group Leaders: please submit your suggestions for MitoEAGLE Summit Obergurgl 2020:
  1. Suggested type and title of your personal presentation, according to the MoU and final MitoEAGLE output
  2. Suggested scientists (titles) for presentations, according to the MoU

  • Jan-10 Fr
» 1st Myocardial Function Symposium 2020 Graz AT (Jan 10-11)
  • 14:45 Novel technologies for mitochondria and cell research (Gnaiger, Innsbruck, AUT)

  • Jan-12 So
  • One month ago
Cluster Awards 2019

Cluster Awards 2019

On December 12th, the Cluster Awards 2019 were presented for the best Tyrolean innovations of the year. We are thrilled to be the recipient in the Life Sciences Cluster for our EU Horizon 2020-funded NextGen-O2k project.

Life Sciences

Oroboros Instruments GmbH, Innsbruck: "NextGen-O2k"

Renewable Energies

Heliotherm Wärmepumpentechnik GmbH, Langkampfen: "Invisible Heatpump"

Forest and wood

Holzbau Unterrainer GmbH, Ainet: "Radius wood - production of curved cross laminated timber elements"

Information Technologies

Lo.La Peak Solutions GmbH, Trins: "LO.LA Safety - Digital Safety Management in Ski Resorts"

Mechatronics: ALPEX Technologies GmbH, Mils: "EVEREST 4.0"

Wellness: Organoid Technologies GmbH, Flow: "natural sauna surfaces made of hay"

» More details (in German): Standortagentur Tirol.

Photo © Standortagentur Tirol
 2020 Week 3
  • Jan-14 Tu

  • Jan-15 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Statistical evaluation on replica in HRR with permeabilized skeletal muscle fibers
- from the O2k-Network »AU Melbourne Stepto NK«
  • Jacques M, Kuang J, Bishop DJ, Yan X, Alvarez-Romero J, Munson F, Garnham A, Papadimitriou I, Voisin S, Eynon N (2019) Mitochondrial respiration variability and simulations in human skeletal muscle: The Gene SMART study. FASEB J [Epub ahead of print]. - »Bioblast link«

  • Jan-16 Th
MitoPedia Oxygen flux - which SI units should be used?
MitoPedia Did you ever think that units for body mass could be an issue? - »Body mass«

  • Jan-17 Fr
About Oroboros HRR - high-resolution respirometry and oxygen kinetics 10 years ago: Cell respiration under hypoxia: facts and artefacts in mitochondrial oxygen kinetics. Adv Exp Med Biol 2010. - »Bioblast link«
TRANSMIT TRANSMIT Symposium 2020 Brussels BE (Jan 17-18)

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial respiration is oxygen-dependent in human cardiac homogenate preparations
- from the O2k-Network »CZ Prague Krajcova A«
  • Krajčová A, Urban T, Megvinet D, Waldauf P, Balík M, Hlavička J, Budera P, Janoušek L, Pokorná E, Duška F (2020) High resolution respirometry to assess function of mitochondria in native homogenates of human heart muscle. PLOS ONE 15:e0226142. - »Bioblast link«
2020 Week 4
  • Jan-20 Mo
O2k-Workshops IOC144 Innsbruck AT - O2k-Coaching Days (Jan 20-22)

  • Jan-21 Tu
  • Mr Hai Wu (CEO of Huawei, Oroboros distributor in China) and Dr. Rupert Ecker (CEO of Vienna TissueGnostics) join the O2k-Coaching Days for extending collaborative projects.

  • Jan-23 Th - MitoFit Open Seminar - Erich Gnaiger: An improved index of obesity versus BMI - an issue of mitObesity and gender medicine in our modern world's obesogenic environment.

  • Jan-24 Fr
O2k-Open Support Info: improve Do you write the serial number of the polarographic oxygen sensor (POS) in the ‘O2k configuration’ window?
Including the POS serial number in the ´O2k configuration´ window is important to keep a track record of the sensors used according to the O2k. This will be especially helpful if troubleshooting is needed. - »O2k configuration«
O2k-Open Support Warning: loss of data Do you perform O2k-Chamber volume calibration?
The volume calibration is essential to ensure that the chamber volume is correctly calibrated to its standard volume of 2 mL (or 0.5 mL for the O2k-sV-Module). - »O2k-chamber«
O2k-Open Support Take care Do you use the correct O2 solubility factor (FM) in the ‘O2 calibration’ window in DatLab?
The O2 solubility factor varies according to the medium used and influences the air calibration. - »Oxygen solubility factor«

2020 Week 5

  • Jan-27 Mo
O2k-Workshops IOC145 Innsbruck AT - O2k-Coaching Days (Jan 27-29)
DSL-Seminar, 16:00
Gnaiger E: mitObesity: compromised mitochondrial fitness in degenerative comorbidities of early aging.
Univ.-Klinik für Visceral-, Transplantations- u. Thoraxchirurgie, Surgery building, 12th floor, north, seminar room

  • Jan-28 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial respiration of blood cells and cardiovascular disease
- from the O2k-Network »FR Strasbourg Zoll J«
  • Alfatni A, Riou M, Charles AL, Meyer A, Barnig C, Andres E, Lejay A, Talha S, Geny B (2020) Peripheral blood mononuclear cells and platelets mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and circulating mtDNA in cardiovascular diseases. J Clin Med 9 pii:E311. - »Bioblast link«

  • Jan-30 Th - MitoFit Open Seminar - Alexander Karabatsiakis: Targeting the reversibility of mitochondrial changes in bioenergetics and biogenesis in Major Depressive Disorder by clinical routine antidepressant treatment.
O2k-Open Support Take care Do you check the O2 flux at the end of the air calibration with the O2k-chamber closed?
In DatLab 7.4, instrumental DL-Protocols guide you automatically towards closing the O2k-chamber after air calibration, to monitor "O2 slope neg." (negative) as a test of any biological contamination which would increase oxygen consumption in the absence of a biological sample. - »Oxygen calibration - DatLab«
O2k-Open Support Info: improve Do you set mark ‘R1’ and complete the air calibration correctly?
Your air calibration is not effective until you set mark ‘R1’ andclick on Calibrate and copy to clipboard in the O2 calibration window. - »Oxygen calibration - DatLab«

  • Jan-31 Fr
O2k-Open SupportTake care Reproducibility committment in high-resolution respirometry: quality control in oxygen calibration
In the DatLab 7.4 software, new instrumental DL-Protocols guide the user automatically step-by-step, to calibrate the instrument accurately. Reproducibility is monitored and documented when following user-friendly standard operating procedures (SOP). - »Oxygen calibration - DatLab«

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